What is hibernate computer?

The development of modern technology involuntarily leads to the formation of new concepts and terms. Some of them meet people quite often, and others rarely hear even experienced users. For example, not everyone knows what is hibernate the computer, although the process that lies behind these words, known to many.

what is hibernate computer

This concept is used in different spheres of life, although its value is always in much. For example, sleep can be heard in the issues of biology and medicine. So how did it happen that the same term has come to refer to computers?

The concept of hibernation

No matter what this word is used, its initial value is always the same – it is based on its etymology. The term came from the Latin word hibernus or hibernation, which means «hibernation» or «winter».

This is what is the definition of hibernate from the point of view of biology. Such a word to denote one of the types of spaces. Only three of them:

  • The first is found only in hummingbirds and bats, it is the daily;
  • The second characteristic of raccoon dogs and squirrels – it has no clear deadlines occurs under adverse conditions;
  • Finally, the third type of dormancy is hibernation. It is seasonal, particularly in winter.

In natural sleep there is a slowing of all vital processes that the body could live in the conditions of lack of food. Thus the body temperature drops, breathing becomes slower, hampered by the entire nervous system that result in «deep sleep».

All this applies to artificial hibernation method that is used in medicine. By special preparations of man enters into a state in which it is much more resistant to oxygen starvation, damage and many other factors.

Unlikely to computer, so you need to hibernate or slow down all its processes. What is the fundamental difference of hibernate in this regard?


What is hibernate computer?

Under this strange word, borrowed from medicine and biology, hides an energy-saving mode of the operating system. When it is activated the content is stored on a device (usually a disk drive), and then there is a power outage.

This mode is largely similar to waiting, but there is a key difference – hibernation implies a complete cessation of electricity supply. Due to the fact that all information was pre-loaded on the drive after starting the computer, people can work from where he graduated.

That is hibernating in a laptop or computer, better known to those who have experience with operating systems Vista and above. This is due to the fact that initially (in particular, Windows XP), this process is called «Sleeping.» The name only changed after the release of Vista – then it was renamed into hibernation. In addition, the operating system was a «hybrid sleep». In laptops there is an analogue of this process, which is triggered in case of excessive loss of charge of the battery.

In fact, hibernate has appeared since the mid-nineties. Then it began to support Windows 95, but at that time it was called otherwise, and it was relatively difficult. Some kind of analogues of this mode appeared in the eighties. Then the operating system Eumel produced periodically save its state to disk. If the electricity stopped, she used the data to continue work.

hibernate computer

Features mode

In hibernation of computers and laptops, we can identify several advantages and disadvantages. To the first belong:

  • Fast startup and shutdown of the device because all the drivers and programs remain active.
  • No need to confirm or reject saving documents.
  • Automation in energy saving laptops.

Unfortunately, deficiencies in sleep stands out much more, although some cases are quite private.

  • For proper functioning the space on your hard drive, and it needs very much.
  • A certain amount of memory is allocated and the files that are not used, to change this factor.
  • A number of programs and drivers do not tolerate hibernation. This leads to errors or, in the case of mice, changing the sensitivity and other indicators.
  • The data that remains on disk can become outdated, and the partitions will be mounted read-only.
  • In case of various failures possible problems with exit from deep sleep.
  • In some situations, activation of this mode is dangerous, as in some operating systems, there is no encryption of files during deep sleep.

Thus, a kind of computer hibernation can be useful in some cases, however, it has several disadvantages that make its application not just difficult, but dangerous as well.

hibernate notebook

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