What is ham. How to make Spanish ham

Talk about what jamon. Ham is called the national delicacy of Spain, which is made from pork. Depending on the breed of the pig and the food that she eats, make two kinds of this delicacy: Iberico and Serrano. Below, we look at how to make ham, as it is eaten and stored, but first let’s deal with that with which begins the history of this dish.

what is ham

The history of the Spanish delicacy

Today, the ham is cooked almost all the elite restaurants of the world, and to imagine a Spanish school without this dish on the menu, just not possible. This delicacy has a very long history. To answer, how did the technology of its preparation, nobody can. According to the official point of view, the technology of preparation of the ham was invented by the Europeans, who tried to achieve long preservation of food. Therefore, they began to RUB the meat with salt. Meat, which was covered with a thick layer of salt, has long been the main food for poor families. This technology, quite literally, helped save many people from starvation.

There is another view regarding the origin of the technology of salting of meat. According to popular legend, Spanish ham appeared after the Spaniards caught from the sea the river pig. People say that during his stay in the water, pig was strongly impregnated with salt and after it was prepared, people felt a strange taste of meat. So was born the ham.

sliced ham

Initially, this dish was prepared only for the higher nobility, as it was considered a delicacy. Ham graced the tables of Roman military commanders, legionerov and even the Roman Emperor. It was believed that everyone in the military has this delicacy to always stay strong.

Actively to export the recipe of this dish, the Spaniards began in the 18th century. Gourmets around the world appreciate the exquisite taste of jamon and a great pleasure to eat it. The good thing is that its recipe is almost not changed and has reached our days in its original form. So, when we eat ham, you can be sure that it is one of the oldest dishes in the world.

And now we will get acquainted with how to cook ham.

How to make a ham?

Ham is done according to strict rules, to observe that must. Therefore, for Spanish cooking has become a real ritual.

how to make ham

Ingredients: sea salt, pork ham.

The stages of cooking:

  • Salting. After was dressed carcass, the ham is well washed and dried. After it dries, it separates the excess fat and covered with salt for a few weeks. Often use sea salt. It has preservative properties, and dries the meat due to the fact that absorbs moisture. The process of salting must occur in a cool room where the temperature does not exceed 5 degrees Celsius. Perfect for this procedure is considered to be 0 degrees.

After 2 weeks passed, the meat should be washed with water to remove excess has not been absorbed by the salt. Then, the specialist must provide the ham desired shape and vertically to hang it.

  • Provjalivanija. Procedure provjalivanija is done in order to align posolennoy throughout the meat. To do this, the leg is placed in a special chamber. There should be enough wet and cool. These conditions will allow moisture to evaporate from the ham, and the salt evenly distributed throughout the meat. Provjalivanija lasts from one to two months.
  • Drying. At the last stage of cooking ham need to ensure that the subcutaneous fat of the product is fully absorbed into muscle mass. For this the leg is suspended vertically. This should be done in the same room where we had been provjalivanija, that is, in a cool room with high humidity level. Ideal for drying meat is considered a basement. In the basement, the meat should Mature.

In the basement of the experts sorted the product, and taste, to determine quality.

To determine the willingness of ham, it should be punctured with a special needle. Professionals use a needle made of cow bone. Well if the needle enters the meat, it is sufficiently dried. Readiness check the flavor that comes from meat.

To make the ham not so easy as it seems. A list of all the rules, compliance with which allows to make a product known only to professionals.

Now we describe how to eat ham.

How to eat ham?

Before you enjoy this dish, it should be cut. To make it simple enough, but it’s worth it. People who do not know how to slice jamon, the Spanish called cortadora. The process of cutting should occur only on a thick wooden Board. In Spain this Board is called jamonera. Also, you need to prepare the knives with different blades: short, solid and long thin.

delicatessen ham

  • In order to properly slice jamon, it is necessary to hang up a hoof.
  • Then, taken a knife with a short blade and the like, reveals the leg in one motion myself down.
  • After the first cut should remove the skin and fat to reach the meat. Only after that the ham can be begin to cut.
  • Considered ideal pieces which have a length of 6 cm It should be very thin and very tender slices. If you slice them correctly, you will notice that they are transparent. Chop the slices so that the edges of the ham remained fat.

If you slice the meat thinly settled, you should use a short knife. Meat that was not sliced, used as an ingredient for the preparation of broths, soups and gravies.

The Spaniards, to give their home an color, hold the ham house in limbo. Fear that the meat will spoil, it makes no sense, because it can be kept for more than six months.

Now consider how to store jamon.

Storage ham house

To store this delicacy you only need to Nyalam a room where the temperature does not exceed 15 degrees. Best ham will «feel» in the basement.

Once the ham was sliced, the meat will remain about six months. But, it is important to observe the following rule: the cut should not come in contact with air, otherwise the meat will deteriorate. To avoid this, the ham is served with cotton gauze or towel. Also, to prevent damage to the product, the cut can be lubricated with olive oil.

Storage ham house

If the product has not been incised, to do any action with respect to ensuring conditions for its preservation not worth it.

What is a ham?

The Spaniards claim that this delicacy pairs perfectly with the melon. Gourmets will agree with this, because the combination of these two products provides a truly amazing and exquisite taste. Get a taste at the same time and salty (from the ham) and sweet (melon). The one who will taste both these product, unique emotions guaranteed. Also, there are a number of products that blends perfectly with jamon:

  • Olives.
  • Greens.
  • Olives.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Cheese.
  • Eggplant.
  • Zucchini.
  • Cabbage.
  • Potatoes, etc.

what is ham

If ham is served hot meals, then this is done in advance to the delicacy fully saturated the dish its saltiness.

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