What is Halal

Many people do not know what it means Halal, and never even heard such word. In Islam this can include personal care, entertainment, and recreation, and food – almost everything what is connected with life and human activities.

what is Halal

What does the inscription on the products

In countries professing a religion, on the products sold in stores, you can see the inscription Halal. The first thing that comes to mind at the reading of such a marking that they are intended for diabetics or diet.

If such a «resolution» and put on the cakes, means for cooking is not used, that are not allowed to consume:

  • The ingredients of the animal, which killed the rules.
  • substances that have intoxicating effect.
  • Meat forbidden in this religion.

Each of them needs to be resolution mark.

In addition, in the manufacture of dyes, disintegrating agents, and other components not used eggs, alcohol, animal fat.

products Halal

What is considered to be Haram

Muslim are forbidden to eat products that are prepared from animals killed by natural death due to lightning strike or exposure to current, strangled, poisoned or killed.

Halal does not serve:

  • insects;
  • APE;
  • elephants;
  • birds that have claws;
  • blood;
  • all the components of the pork;
  • animals with fangs.
  • donkeys and mules that live with people.

According to the religion cannot eat meat and drink the milk of those animals that feed on filth. Impossible eating creatures:

  • which is not allowed to kill bees, frogs;
  • those ordered to destroy the snakes, rats, Scorpions
  • animals not allowed to be sold from the Muslims.

Muslim food

All this relates to the Haram. This term means a ban. Allah permits to use such products in exceptional cases the suffering from starvation. In short, Islam believes that it is impossible to eat food that can cause harm to human health.

Products that do not fall under the ban

Halal products are berries, fruits, vegetables, dishes made from them. But it is not so simple. Insects are Haram except for fried locusts. In apples, pears, plums, figs often gets the worms, and the fruit is impossible. Take care of greens, cabbage that it was not lice. The honey produced by bees you can eat without looking back.

Referred to to products such a fish, regardless of where caught. As long as it was covered with scales, had fins and was killed herself. Molluscs and crustaceans do not have this do not apply to authorised products. For the same reason people refuse eels, catfish and sturgeon. According to the Qur’an do not use narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, Smoking. A strong drink made from grapes can be drunk if it is made faithful.

You can use milk and food from him. But they must be no prohibited ingredients, obtained from fat, or the bones of carrion. Here too, there are nuances. If these products get into the hands of the person who cooked the meat, they loose their allowances. No wonder the Muslims are in a cafe or restaurant often serves only one kind of them not to accidentally confuse dishes.

products Halal without ban

Religion does not forbid eating bread, pastries. But they should not contain unresolved dyes, emulsifiers, additives, grease, improperly slaughtered animals. Especially welcome Muslims of whole ground flour.

How to get allowed meat

The question what is Halal meat, any Muslim will tell you that it should not be Haram, and the animal is slaughtered in such a way as required by the Koran.

You can’t kill him without reading the prayer. Then a knife with a smooth blade cut the carotid artery, and to cope with this need at one time. The butchering begin after the drain the blood, if she stays within, is no longer considered prohibited. Tendons and nerves are removed.

For meat I only take healthy animals. It is not allowed to stun, hit them with an axe or a hammer, or use electric current.

In the presence of the victim do not sharpen tool intended for slaughter. Cutting it is not the case, if there is another animal. To the meat was allowed to eat not:

  • Expose it to freezing.
  • Add supplements containing hormones.
  • In the production used separately from the Haram.

The meat makes the boiled and smoked sausage, sausages, semi-finished products. They put the sign that means that they are high quality and made with observance of all rules.

Halal meat

People who adhere to Islam, do not eat predators and omnivorous birds. Allowed to include those that are covered with feathers. Eggs do, but only if the yolks are not present clots or streaks of blood. Religion allows you to eat poultry, meat, Turkey, quail, dove.

Chicken Halal obtained in the same way as other meat. At the time of its slaughtering must all rules be read before him in prayer.

This production has developed rapidly. If the earlier sample was only possible when the mosques, now sold in supermarkets.

Halal dishes are different from what would normally be eaten. It has no harmful components. It is prepared by people who know the entire process carefully monitor the cleanliness. It is particularly important that animals during slaughter is permitted not observed the so-called hormones of fear. The removal of blood helps to cleanse the meat, making it more useful. Such food has a more pleasant taste.

Where can you find products

Products Halal, you can buy in the store, has a special certificate, and is located in the capital. Products are sausages, sausages, drinks, herbs and canned goods. Here you can buy beef, lamb, poultry. They come with farmers, private companies which meet the mandatory rules of feeding, keeping, slaughtering animals.

where to find Halal

Foods you can eat people, whether they profess faith. In halale no carcinogens, harmful fragrances and additives. Orders are accepted and on the Internet.

Those people that are worried about their health, are increasingly looking for products that are marked Halal.

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