What is good?

Very often people use this familiar word during conversations with family, friends, colleagues. But few of them gave much thought to what is good, so not everyone is able to give him the right definition.

what is good

What actually is good? This concept can be called relative. Everyone there on this own thoughts. Most converge on the view that good is a term that refers to the moral side. It can bring great joy, to deprive of sorrows.

Good in understanding the Western residents

For centuries people tried to understand the essence of kindness, promoted him to the masses. Western philosophers often tried to reconcile the concept of evil. Today even a small child knows that these two concepts are opposite to each other. So, if evil brings harm and unhappiness, good to give people hope and a bright future, to deprive them of all ills. In the beliefs and legends of the Western peoples of the world is usually divided into two parts. One of them is good and the second evil. This division was invented in the days of Ancient Greece. After the idea found its reflection in Christianity. Religion could make the difference between the two sides more expressive and understandable.

welcome to the West

In the Christian religion good was on a par with the divinity. For him there was a place in the Scriptures. It is religion that has helped man to understand the essence of good. It should be helpful and always selfless. If a good deed someone needs a reward, so he just went on a kind of deal that has little in common with the moral concept.

Good in understanding the Eastern population

Your thoughts about kindness and representatives of the Eastern peoples. They had no space for clear separation from evil. This is due to the lack of religion that is based on this concept. Taoism acknowledges the existence of evil and good. But for this faith they are equal forces that are not able to exist without each other. Only together forces give rise to the light of harmony, maintain peace.

Hindus see the good in the desire to explore your own heart chakra, which must be widely disclosed.

A General definition of good

People see the good in the following things:

  • The development and growth of the self.
  • The achievement of important goals.
  • Disclosure of positive qualities.
  • Suppression of feelings that inhibit soul that causes suffering and hate.

It can be concluded that good is everything that can command respect and allows other people to sincerely thank someone for committed the act.

the definition of good

Usually people don’t notice the good in your life. But it it is still present in the form of implementing specific principles and compliance with code of honor that motivates a person in the Commission of a particular act. For this word to be more understandable, began to appear special codes and statutes. They are now helping to make the right choice between the party of good and evil.

Familiarizing the child with kindness

To engender the good in a person since childhood. At such a young age, he should be acquainted with this interesting concept, to know its meaning and essence. Parents should help their beloved children, to engender in their hearts the seeds of good.

Small children can’t distinguish between abstract concepts. Therefore, with the word «good» should be conveyed to them by the example of well-known characters or events which have had to face in reality. You can try to tell different tales in which a good character always does the right thing and overcome evil character. If the kid wants to be like him, he himself will do good deeds, inspired by the example.

Adults should help the child to grow up a good man. To do this they should:

  • Become an example for the child to practice to show him what acts can and cannot do, and which in any case should not do.
  • To keep family healthy relationship. All family members should respect each other, care and attention to loved ones. Observing the behavior of parents, older siblings and grandparents that he will begin to act according to their example.
  • It is important to explain to your child that you need to show kindness not only to family members. The same should apply to other people.
  • A good attitude in children should be not only people, but animals, plants. They need to learn to respect all living creatures that they encounter in their lives.

the good in our hearts

Not too difficult to raise my child the kind and sympathetic person. Just parents need to educate their own child, to instill in him good moral qualities. It is also recommended to protect it from any negativity that can teach children to do bad things. Over time, children will understand that and in what situations you need to do and what to avoid. They will be able to make the right decisions, if in early childhood, parents serious about their education.

On the subject of good you can do it for several days, months, and even decades. And still it will remain unspecified points that are not yet too clear to mankind. But it’s not particularly important. The main thing that people for themselves could realize that is a very good, about which so much is said.

Good enables a person to continue to move in the right direction. He solves difficult problems faced on a daily basis. It is this quality that allows you to build a good relationship with other people. Without it, the world has drowned in constant bloody wars and conflicts. A small seed of goodness are found in every human being. But not everyone is trying to grow it, cultivating positive traits. And only those people who make it grow, one day, be truly happy.

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