What is globalization in simple words?

Many people wonder, what is globalization? Globalization refers to the process of cultural, political, economic, religious unification and integration.

what is globalization

The process of globalization represents a structural change of the global economy. On this basis, creating a single global market and networked economy and its infrastructure. And so does the disintegration of the national sovereignty of the state, who spoke actor in international relations for many centuries. Globalization is called an evolutionary consequence of the state market systems.

Globalization has resulted in these consequences:

  • The migration of labor, capital, production resources, legislative standardization.
  • The division of labor.
  • Mergers and convergence of cultural relations of different countries.

Globalization is an objective move, which has system character, that is covers all areas of public life. Globalization serves the world’s reliance on all its subjects. Increases the presence of a common state challenges, expand the types and number of subjects are integrated.

the characteristics of globalization

Globalization in simple words

In simple words, globalization is a process of structural changes in the world economy, were quite recently, the notion of a national economy which was associated between a system of international labour division, political and economic relations, including cohesive intersection of economies on the basis of regionalization and transnationalization of the global market.

varieties of globalization

The origins of globalization, the discussion processes. Historians denote this process as a stage of development of capitalism. Economy counts from financial markets and transnationalization. Political scientists, emphasize the spread of democratic organizations. Cultural experts attribute this process of Westernization of the culture. The globalization process is divided into economic and political globalization. The subject of globalization is regionalization, which gives a strong effect of cumulative education of the world part technological and economic development.

The word globalization makes clear the leading role in this process played a huge increase in international trade at certain stages of historical development. The concept of globalization (in the designation of intensive international trade) recalled Karl Marx, who wrote in one of his letters to Engels in the late 1850s: «Now the world market actually exists. With the emergence of Japan and California globalization has finished.» At this factor indicates international trade and globalization that began in the time of Marx and ending in the 1930-ies. At that time, globalization came to an end, due to the transition to the rigid protectionism of all developed countries, which resulted in abrupt cessation of international trade.

globalization in the world

What is globalization? It is an inevitable factor of human history is that humanity all over the world at the end of the exchange of information, cultural values, products, goods become more cohesive. However, in recent years, this process has made tremendous growth due to advances in science, communications, industry, technology, transport.

Despite the fact that the fast stages of human development reach a certain success on a global scale, this process is not easy. It is necessary to find a special approach, so that he did not create serious difficulties and problems. The rapid pace of change, globalization may be the nature of the threat. Most countries try to control this process or to control it.

The definition of globalization

A manifestation of globalization is the development of depth and breadth in international processes of division of labor, and the increase in the total economic dependency of the world economy. At the micro level, the dependence is manifested among the enterprises engaged in foreign trade, at the macro level — between national economies. Promoted the globalization of the world economy, which entails the process of combining regional, sectoral, and national markets.

globalization and capitalism

By the end of the twentieth century on the function and development of the world economy began to exert significant influence globalization processes. In addition, these processes are to cover all aspects of human activity: humanitarian, economic, social. Globalization, which occurs in any direction of life that concerns the life of society, affects processes in other fields and are global in nature.

Certainly enough methods for the analysis of globalization, based on this, and many attempts to give the most accurate definition.

globalization and its features

Many scientists agree with the definition of a systematic process that appears in such wording:

  • Globalization as a historical process that was developed many centuries, and interactive case of camping economically-cultural interaction in the world.
  • Globalization, as a wide and close relationship of all Nations, to address common urgent problems relating to the establishment of the influence the viability of the biosphere and human safety.
  • Globalization, as the highest degree of internationalisation, in the broad sense of the entirety of such phenomena and processes as flows of cross-border services and goods, information, technology, capital.

globalization in the world

Based on this, for scientific literature, is characterized by consideration of these areas of globalization as the globalization of political relations, communication and information globalization, economic globalization, the globalization of the legal space, ethnicity, globalization etc.

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