What is friendship?

What is friendship? A definite answer to this question is very difficult to give, as this concept is quite versatile. Some varieties and components of this concept?

what is friendship

What is friendship

It is considered that friendship is a relationship between different people, which is based on sympathy, mutual interest, trust relationships, etc. the Value of this concept are as varied because friendship comes in many forms. As friends we sometimes take a similar attitude.

Friends and acquaintances

Friends often referred to people with whom we have a spiritual connection. That is, we can know much about each other, but we have no common interests, and our views on life differ, we can’t talk about unconditional trust such a person. As an example we can call neighbors.


Sometimes, friendship think the attitude of people who have similar interests. These can be members of one group, party members or parishioners of the same Church. These people meet regularly in one place and can communicate even outside this institution. But between them is not always the sincerity of devotion. All that unites them – a common social, cultural, religious, political or other lines.



In this case, friendship called a relationship that is developing between business partners or people who work in the same team or related work. But if you look closer, these people are United solely benefit, dependence on each other, etc.

Nice people

Very often friends call people who have recently learned they are just you. But in this case there is no such component of friendship, the duration of the relationship. The man we know recently called a friend in the deepest sense of the term.


Components of friendship

Speaking of such a thing as friendship, we must consider the components, without which it is impossible:

  1. Attraction – attraction of different parties. This concept is due to the natural human need to choose the friendship of a particular entity, the conditions under which people will communicate (neighborhood meetings at work, etc) and reasons why attraction occurs (common interests, etc.).
  2. Empathy is the attitude to the emotional life of a potential friend (the desire to understand the actions of another person).

The types of friendship

Based on the fact that is the basis for friendship, there are the following types of friendship:

  1. Spiritual. This option provides capture of the qualities of friends, self-improvement through mutual exchange of experience. It involves the desire to have the same qualities as your friend.
  2. Everyday. Such a friendship gives you the opportunity of daily communication, exchange of news, issues, tips, etc.
  3. Creative. This view suggests a relationship bright individuals who confidently go forward, finding each other support.
  4. Family. Is the relationship between different families or between one person with people who share family ties.

the types of friendship

Myths about friendship

There are many stereotypes that are associated with friendship. But most of them are about nature. Among the most common superficial myths can be identified such:

  1. The most durable is the male friendship. Such people always come to each other for help and help in all situations.
  2. Female friendship does not exist. This is due to the conflict of the fairer sex. They can envy each other, spread gossip, prone to rivalry.
  3. True friendship between a man and a woman who was proven over the years, does not exist. It is associated with possible sexual overtones of such a relationship. There is an opinion that sooner or later, a friendship either ends or turns into love.
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