What is faux leather?

Manufacturers of synthetic materials do not cease to surprise us by creating new products, the main purpose of which – the replacement of expensive natural materials. It is this feature that we have faux leather. What is genuine and what is its difference from the natural material?

What is faux leather

Work on the creation of this material began in 1963, when American scientists were tasked to create an artificial material, which its characteristics are no different from natural and it should be cheaper.

The production of this material lies the principle of the manufacture of leather. However, it uses environmentally friendly raw materials. Based faux leather is cotton cloth, on which is applied a coating of polyurethane. This part of the faux leather there are no harmful components and substances with an unpleasant odor, which are inherent in the rest of the substitutes.

Features and benefits eco-leather

Among the main advantages of this material include:

  1. Externally, the faux leather is no different from the natural. In some cases, to distinguish them, you need to look on the wrong side.
  2. Use of the material helped to save the lives of thousands of animals.
  3. Due to the fact that the production of eco-leather allows you to make cloth of any size, it has become very popular in the manufacture of furniture and other larger items that require large solid pieces of leather fabric.
  4. The polyurethane used for the manufacture of the material, has a large amount of time that allows tissue to «breathe» freely flowing air.
  5. During production, you can make a cloth of any color.
  6. Has a high frost resistance.
  7. The material is resistant to high temperatures and sunlight. Therefore, the products do not spoil or fade, even under the open sun.
  8. Faux leather sufficiently pliable, elastic and easy to work with. It is easy to cut, to cut and to sew with her.
  9. The material is practical and durable.
  10. Faux leather is resistant to abrasion and other mechanical damage.
  11. The composition does not contain allergens and does not cause negative reactions on the part of the body.
  12. Relatively low price, unlike the natural material.

What does faux leather for manufacturers of it? Through its use, you can make a quality product that will have all the properties of genuine leather and it is absolutely safe for humans. Today the material is used for clothing, footwear, haberdashery, furniture, upholstery, automobile interiors, etc.

Comparison with natural leather

Some people are skeptical of various artificial materials. So what’s their similarities and differences?

  1. Both fabrics pleasant to the touch. But, if you sit on the furniture, covered with natural material, exposed parts of the body can sweating, which is not observed when touching the tissue.
  2. For certain natural material is an allergen, at the time, as faux leather completely hypoallergenic and safe.
  3. The permeability of artificial material is several times higher than natural, to cover which often use acrylic emulsion.

How to care for the material

To the product of faux leather serve you for as long as possible for him to properly care:

  1. To clean dirt from the surface it is best to choose a soft fabric. If the product there are difficult stains, they can be treated with an alcoholic solution, for which the alcohol is diluted with water in a ratio of 1 to 1.
  2. The product is made of eco-leather, will last longer if it is treated regularly with a water repellent.
  3. For cleaning products is prohibited to use funds, which include chlorine or abrasive particles.
  4. After cleaning leather, it should be wiped dry with a soft cloth.

Products made from faux leather, have an attractive appearance, practical and at the same time are much cheaper than counterparts made of natural material.

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