What is essay and how to write?

The lessons of Russian language and literature necessary to create a sufficiently large number of diverse texts. Children are forced to write many compositions, various tests and answers to questions. Often students faced with a rather strange phenomenon, and then they want to know what is an essay?

what is an essay

The emergence of the term

This word first began to be used after 1580, when the French writer and philosopher Michel de Montaigne introduced it in his work «Experience», or «Les’essais». Further dissemination of the new genre was in the late sixteenth century, and it was not until the twenties of the seventeenth. At this time, the English philosopher and politician Francis bacon began to actively use the word essays in their works.

Around the same time, the term came up to the playwright for the estate of Ben Johnson, who created the concept of the essay writer, English writing as essayst. It happened in the early seventeenth century.

Michel de Montaigne

What is an essay?

So, what do you mean essay? If we turn to the etymology of the word, we can see some duality, which, however, are very similar. The concept is translated from French. In this case, the word essai is translated as an attempt or essay. If you look at its Latin origin, and there you can find the concept exaguim, which translates as «weighing».

In the modern sense of the word essay refers to a literary genre of small size, with a very loose composition.

Typically, these works focus on some particular issue, but they are not trying to completely and thoroughly illuminate it. Essays based on personal experiences of the author, his own thoughts on the chosen theme.

To some extent, this genre is similar to the scientific article and the essay, is something average between them. He also has similarities with the philosophical treatise.


Signs essay

Due to the fact that this literary genre is characterized by free form, to distinguish it severe signs quite difficult, but there are some points that you should pay attention. They will help answer the question what is essay and how to write.

  • An essay always has a clear topic, some considering the question. If understands a few issues, it is, as a rule, not an essay.
  • Such works are based on personal opinion of the author, his thoughts and impressions, and therefore they cannot give any comprehensive and objective information.
  • Due to its subjectivity, the essay mainly helps to know more about the author, and not about what he writes.
  • The subjectivity influences the nature of the records. They can be philosophical, literary-critical, can claim to be scientific or historical accuracy.
  • As a rule, an essay rich in imagery, they have a place for the associations, and often aphorisms. Many authors try to use rhetorical opposition, and often also in the works is established with a high degree of openness.

Some scientists believe that the essay can be seen as a great literary generation that can stand next to the drama, lyric and epic.


How to write an essay?

Typically, these assignments are given at school in order to help the student in the development of creative thinking and ability to clearly Express their thoughts. In addition, writing helps

  • the ability to organize information,
  • apply the correct terminology
  • find cause and effect,
  • use examples and reasoning.

I wonder what essay I write, not only in schools. Something similar is periodically used by employers when they ask candidates to write something on the subject myself and career. This way people determine how a person thinks, how he is creative, and what is its potential.

As a rule, any essay consists of four main elements. First and foremost, is the introduction in which the author introduces a topic which will have to speculate. Also the end should be a conclusion, summing up.

The main part of the work must consist of certain theses on the subject, which are supported by diverse arguments. Speaking about his career, the abstracts can be related to the fact, your skills author, what successes and failures he has faced and his thoughts about the industry.

Knowing what an essay does not make much sense to ask how to write it, because such works concentrate on my own thoughts. Everything in the essay should be based on their own knowledge and ideas of man, but because a variety of tips and templates can only do harm.

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