What is ESP system in the car and how it works?

ESP is the most common acronym that means only one thing –the dynamic stabilization system of the car. Manufacturers can be different, that this depends on the first letter of the abbreviation. Many novice drivers are wondering, what is esp and why it is needed? The answer is simple: in any difficult driving situations, with such electronics it is possible to avoid an accident or to cope with the breakdown of the vehicle and loss of control.

What is esp

Task ESP

The task of the ESP, there is only one control over the car when his control failed driver. As soon as it lost control of the car, esp is activated instantly and starts its work. It consists in braking of all wheels at its sides, keeping the security inside the cabin. The automatic system itself is able to decide under what situations you need to join in the work, and what wheels to use during braking, so that not to provoke a problem on the road. If braking does not help, esp if «choking» the engine, thus not giving the process the fuel supply to the injector to be completed. This process happens very quickly and almost imperceptibly.

Among the main objectives we can mention:

  • Safety inside the cabin.
  • Instant braking in case of danger.
  • Control of the car if the driver has not coped with management.
  • Increase the comfort level at the time of driving.

ESP in Europe

It would seem that Europe should always go one step ahead of countries outside its membership. She should take all the modern technology in the forefront, setting an example to other countries. But what do we have? An ESP system is not very popular in Europe, the owners of European cars prefer more money to spend on the look of the car and the inside view than their own safety.

ESP in Europe

Studies have shown that only 10% of people are willing to use this innovative function and be satisfied by it, and others don’t want to hear, not trusting innovation. If Europe is not appreciated esp in the car, then what can we say about the Russians?

The Europeans are ready to abandon this service, changing it for:

  • Expensive leather Lounges.
  • Climate control.
  • Xenon headlights.
  • Dear music machine.

ESP in the US

America largely uses this function. After the experiments and calculations of statistics, it was determined that if more drivers paid attention to the functions of esp in the car, the number of accidents could be reduced in half. As shown by Honda, its the owners who are using the system esp, accidents and other road events 35% less than everyone else. The figures are really impressive, and they need to pay attention.

If we consider the numerous countries and their populations, we can conclude that the most worried for his life by the Germans. According to statistics, 65% of owners of German cars use this system, and feel more calmer and more confident. They can easily cope with any difficulties of the road, avoiding a serious accident.

ESP in the US

Of course, esp stability control does not apply to cheap services, so it is good to save money and take care of their security. If you consider repairing a car after a serious accident, then the installation of the esp system will cost much cheaper. We are concerned about their safety, and esp only contributes to this.

Video about ESP

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