What is «Double GIS» and how to install it

One of the best information and the geographical programmes of recent years include the development of Russian programmers called «Double GIS» or «2GIS». This service will allow you to quickly and securely learn about all the streets, houses and other objects not only in Russia but also far beyond its borders.

How to install

What is «Double GIS»

Russian information company called 2GIS for more than fifteen years with great success engaged in the creation of electronic guides for the cities ‘ maps. Some time ago, their manuals have become available on mobile devices with the Android platform, which greatly facilitated the use of this information. Because now you are not tied to the computer and can navigate in many cities of Russia, besides, from this Handbook you can find information about the capitals and major cities the following countries:

  • Kazakhstan.
  • Ukraine.
  • Italy.
  • Chile.
  • The United Arab Emirates.
  • Cyprus.
  • Kyrgyzstan.
  • Czech Republic.

All services of this app is free, because the company earns from advertising present on the site. Another advantage of this program is the constant and prompt updating of maps, which significantly increases the performance of the «Double GIS», and increases the accuracy of the data. The benefits of the program include the possibility of using the service even without Internet connection.

In 2GIS you will be able to study not only the map, such as Novosibirsk, but also to get information on all the organizations that exist in the city: swimming pools, schools, banks, shops and much more. The accuracy of the information about each of the institutions is increasing with every update. You will not be difficult to find the time, the phone and even on how to get to your office with this service. In addition, by installing this app on your mobile, you will be able to find out the shortest path to the desired object. You learn, how long will your journey depending on traffic.

Address for Dubl GIS

Promotions and features

In addition to high efficiency of information, and frequent updates, open the «veil» over the new places, the company «Double GIS» quite often delights its users with the launch of the original project, timed to coincide with any significant event in Russia or the world. For example, in 2014, was released a special version of the application to travel to Sochi. It included a complete upgrade of the map and directory of the city based on the location of the most important venues for the Olympic games, including the full geography of the Olympic village.

How to install Double GIS»

Before you install this app you need to download it. To make it better from official site, because then the chance that you catch the virus in the process, is reduced to almost zero. After downloading you can start the installation. To do this, click twice on the received file, and then reopen the window. Here you will need to accept the agreement and confirm the main installation path.

Here ustanoviti

Note that the standard file size is 42 MB but with additional cards, this folder will take much more space on the hard disk. This will start the process, which only takes a few minutes. I am particularly pleased that with this service your computer will not install any additional programs like antiviruses or browsers. It only remains to run the program with a special stamp, which will automatically download data for your region.

The interface and basic functions «Double GIS»

The app interface is very similar to the MSOffice program, so to understand it will practically everyone. In addition, on the main page there is advertising. And if you want to thank the developers for the free service, click here.

The app «Double GIS» able to find any objects down to small organizations or alleys. To find a street or house, you need to enter a name or any data in the «What». After that, you’ll get full list of search results. If you found what you wanted to find – click the result and «virtual» will take you to the object on the map.

How to install

The subtitle is «Where» will help to find the house, the street, and the like. In General, if you are interested in any address, you must enter it in this field. Then you get to the desired object, which will be highlighted in red. Clicking on a building, you will be able to receive a complete list and description of organizations located at this address. In addition, opposite each firm has a plus sign, and if you activate it you will be given information on the schedule, phone, e-mail and all other data.

The device calculates routes with «Double GIS»

Thanks to this application you can learn about the optimal routes from one point to another. To do this, enter the start address and the final destination. The program will then show you the shortest route. But if for some reason it does not suit you, then in the left navigation menu, you can choose any other. You can always zoom in or zoom out the reflection of his journey that will give you the opportunity to learn the details of the trip. In addition, this year the company «Double GIS» has launched a service to service routes with voice. So you can use your mobile as a Navigator at this service will always tell you when and where to turn and how much remains to the end of the journey.

Route from Dubl GIS

Management card

A «Double GIS» is very easy to manage the maps, because in order to move at some point, it is only necessary to conduct the mouse in the desired direction. If you need to increase or decrease the size of the image, then it can be done using the mouse wheel or special icons plus and minus. In addition, the tools interface will help you to turn the map, or measure the distance, and much more. In General, you will always find something to do in this application.

In order to download additional information and update the data for a particular city please click on image building located in the upper left corner. This will open the «new city» and you will need to put a checkmark in the communities that interest you and install them card.

Dubl GIS for Android

How to install Dubl GIS on Android

The easiest way download this app from Google Play. But if for some reason the app store doesn’t work, then you need to go to phone settings and click «Applications». Further, opposite to the column «Allow installation of apps from Google Play» put a tick. Now you will be available several options for installing this program:

  • First of all, you can download the apk file to your PC from the official page of the service. Then you will need to move it to phone memory and open it with any Manager, such as ES file Explorer.
  • On the relevant page of the service you need to find a suitable QR code. After you scan it, you will receive the link to download and install this app.

After this «Double GIS» will be available on your phone and you can always use its services.

Video instruction

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