What is the domain?

What is the domain? Typically, this question arises in the case when it comes to creating your own website. However, this word has other meanings. For example, it is used in the biological field, and also has its own definition in history.

what is domain

The possession of feudal

The term «Domain» has appeared in the Middle ages. The roots of this Latin word it is derived from the word dominium, which can be translated as «possession.» This is the domain in the history of the middle ages. That certain lands, belonging to any feudal Lord, where he led his own farm.

In most cases, each domain consisted of several settlements, fortifications, farmlands, fields and forests. Not always domain, represents one integral territory. Part of it might be scattered in different areas. Such possessions were many titled persons, including the Earls, barons and kings.

domain feudal Lord

The concept in biology

Science biology gives several interpretations of the concept domain. First, the word used in biological systematics. The so-called last-level organisms. Its other name – netcarta. Typically, the biological domain includes several kingdoms.

This term is also formed from Latin words, but this time it’s spelled Domain. It introduced Karl is Lucky in the late twentieth century. He then outlined three major domain archaea (unicellular, do not have nuclei), bacteria and eukaryotes (organisms whose cells have a nucleus).

In biology there is the concept domain of the protein. By that word understand an element of the tertiary structure, that is part of a stable protein form. The process of coagulation of the polypeptide chain occurs independently of other components.

the cell nucleus

What is a domain in computer science?

This word has many shades and meanings in the field of computer science. It is difficult enough to understand what is domain and why you need it. First, consider what this concept means in relation to databases.

In this case, the word domain to understand the data type or number of values. This term is fundamental, because a variety of objects, like parameters and operator read can be a specific domain.

There is also the concept of a Windows NT domain. It security principals that have a single center and used a single database. This accumulation of data, which are several computers. Sometimes people speak about the application domain. It is a mechanism through which you can run multiple applications in one process.

What is domain name?

As a rule, if a person is interested in, what is domain, it is important to understand what a domain name what is.

A domain name is a specific combination of characters, which is a name that is an identifier of a particular industry on the Internet. Each area is considered a domain.

There is a system DNS. Its name is an abbreviation of the English words in the Domain Name System, domain name system. It can help to get information about different domains. Most often you need to know the IP address and host.

Thanks to domain names is addressing of nodes and resources, i.e. access to websites, email servers and other similar things.

domain name


Typically, each domain name consists of several names of different levels. The third component is assigned a type «EN», remains top for the «Org» and other similar elements, and direct name of the website displayed in the address bar, which is the second level domain. There is also a nameless root, which usually is the point.

Basically, if anyone is interested, what is domain, he is not interested in the full name, and the second or upper level. The fact that there are currently a huge number of sites, and created his own, original and (importantly) a beautiful name – quite problematic. For this reason, gradually formed the market, sells and resells domain names.

In order to sell different domains, companies create websites with certain names, and give them out to those who need such a name. As a rule, on these pages there is nothing, except a couple of sponsored links.

Abandoned domains

It often happens that a site becomes unnecessary to man. He throws it, the lease of domain gradually comes to an end, and thus freed from the domain name. Like not always happens because the site has lost its relevance. Sometimes the owner may forget that you need to pay for the domain.

A lot of people are known as cybersquatters, to actively take advantage of the situation, when a domain is abandoned. They quickly recorded it, and then trying to resell at the most disadvantageous for the buyer price.

The value of domain names

The price of a domain name depends on various aspects such as its overall appearance and actuality. The more people wishes to obtain a name for your site, the more it will cost. Only a domain can be up to 63 characters, and many actively use so many, but the most expensive names much shorter.

The most expensive domain name, as of 2012, is PrivateJet.com. Its cost exceeds thirty million dollars. The entire first five full addresses pornography sites, but in addition extremely high price have the and resources associated with business, currency and a casino.


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