What is diffusion?

Everything that happens to us and around us always is of interest. One of the interesting processes that are interested in many people, is diffusion. If you are wondering what is diffusion, then our article will be useful.

What is diffusion?

Diffusion is a process when the mixture moves from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. The reason for this is the movement of atoms and molecules. Usually, the reason is heat, under the influence of which the whole process happens. It ends when the concentration gradient ends.

What is diffusion

Diffusion of gases and liquids occurs rapidly, what can be said about solids. It is easy to see in everyday life, because to heat the water much faster than to melt the plastic. For comparison, many people mixed in a ode with potassium permanganate, which colors the liquid for a couple of seconds. But to do it with clay is impossible. If two pieces of clay mix, in order to communicate, you need to exert a lot of effort. This once again confirms that the rate of diffusion may be different. Synthetic materials are prone to poor diffusion, metal and Vice versa.


To diffusivity can particles that are always in substance. Also this process is exposed and foreign material.

How to induce diffusion?

To diffusion in gases and liquids it is necessary to use the Brownian motion. It is the movement of molecules under high temperatures.

In order to cause diffusion of solid substances, you can use the diffusion pump. It contains oil that is heated and rises, and there already is pumping. Couples at this time are up and on special channels of the pump falls down to cool. On the way they capture the gases and taking them with me. Pair condenseries and flows into a special container. All this allows to achieve the minimum pressure.


The types of diffusion

Diffusion can be:

  • colloid;
  • convection;
  • quantum;
  • turbulent.

The first kind of diffusion is a process which occurs in solids. Turbulent is the transfer of the smallest particles in the flow turbulence. Quantum diffusion is where very low temperatures and condensation. Convective diffusion is when particles move in a medium that is also moving with great speed.


Often you can see how to include diffusion phenomena, in which particles are not transferred. For example, in optics it is possible to meet the process of transfer of radiation in the environment, which is characterized by heterogeneity. This process should be accompanied by the absorption of photons, which is called diffusion.

Where you can see diffusion in life?

The easiest example of showing how diffusion works, is our breath. Oxygen gets into our lungs when they are opening and then moves into the blood. By diffusion the carbon dioxide does not accumulate around the person, and is mixed with oxygen and disperses evenly through the air. To observe this process in other areas of life.

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