An incendiary Go-Go dancing

Modern and very incendiary dance under the unusual name go-go is pleased with their looseness and vigor, even the name in English means movement. Many do not know what th think that this is exclusively a dance club, which encourages people to relax to the max on the dance floor, but it is much more difficult than it might seem at first glance.

what is the dance GOU GOU

Where did this dance?

The name GOU GOU literally means a call to action. Shouting «come on», DJs was supported by speakers at the public dancers. But there is another version, translated from the French «a gogo» means «in abundance» that reveals the essence of the excess movements and combined directions.

And although the dance looks very modern, he appeared in 60-ies in the United States. The progenitor of it was Hollywood. It was here in the night club called the «Whisky-A-Go-Go» girls in short skirts danced in cages suspended from the ceiling.

dance lessons, go go

Seen these dances were in the night clubs of Japan, approximately in the same years. This time was the beginning of a progressive fashion to dance, go-go. It is often confused with a Striptease, though unlike the last dance does not involve exposure of intimate areas (the exception was dance Topless Carol Doda in 1964).

The popularity of this fiery direction with time grew, and it served not only women, but also men. In the 60-ies, these dancers were in especially high demand in the gay clubs.

What is the direction of the go-go?

The main purpose of the dance is inciting the desire of the public to dance, have fun and move to the rhythm. The characteristic features of the direction consider the following:

  • No strict structure or sequence. Often the performers themselves come up with movement, and improvise to different rhythms of the music.
  • The presence of a bright shiny suit fits tightly and draws attention, with boots up to his knees, while many simply wear high-heeled shoes.
  • Rhythmic motion using various techniques, for example disco or house dance.
  • The lack of restrictions and free flight of fancy.
  • The dance performance is often on special racks or tables.

features GOU GOU

Performing artists go-go most often in night clubs, discos, casino or concert venues. Direction is becoming more youth today is becoming increasingly popular due to the lack of boundaries.

Features Go-Go. Without which it is impossible to do?

However, regardless of what the dancer is given a will, the executor needs to have certain skills, without which the dance will lose its essence. All dance schools and training courses are aimed to teach its graduates the following:

  • All movements should be smooth and seductive.
  • Learn to listen to your body, because not everyone has the strength to turn dance into art, and in one motion to hit the dance floor.
  • Love music in all its forms, to hear the rhythm, the melody, each feature vocals, and all transitions.
  • To adapt to any style of music, using various elements of other dance, turning the whole improvisation in a harmonious dance.
  • To be able to control the body, to create the overall composition. Not to forget what position are the hands and feet during a movement.
  • All actions must be decisive and energetic, full of drive. Dance go-go will not do indecisive individuals, as it involves looseness.

All classes and training are often focused on the development of all modern dance styles in order to people fast learner and could easily come up with combinations. Special attention is paid to creating beautiful effects with deceleration and acceleration, the study of emotions, as facial expression is also part of the dance.

movement go go

During the execution of the dance is not allowed alcohol, because this necessarily affects the coordination of a dancer. Many coaches teach a go-go as a science, and learning the basics, you can easily find a job or even a career.

How to start a career dancer?

Of course, to earn recognition in the field of Go-Go dancing, you need talent and the ability to hear the music. It is a good sense of rhythm often plays a crucial role in the ability to arrange a show for the owners of bars and clubs lay out a lot of money. As far as looks go dancers, an integral part of the image are:

  • Bright makeup, showing strengths and hide defects.
  • A perfect hairstyle that can withstand heavy loads.
  • Dress code: leather clothing, latex, mesh, fur and other costumes from the category of burlesque.

The work of a dancer involves maintaining a good shape, so it is important regular gym and dance classes. The key to the successful passage of the casting will be regularly updated repertoire of new and exciting movements, usually at their demonstration won’t be longer than 2 minutes, so you need to learn how to kick ass in a short time.

form for GOU GOU

Dance go-go is an opportunity to find your unique style that will be difficult to repeat to someone else. For many, this trend has ceased to be a hobby turned into a lifestyle.

Is it possible to learn to dance, go-go home?

Many people have mastered the science of go-go dancing from the comfort of home, for this they need only desire and a little free time. Here are some useful tips that will help in this case:

  • You should choose a few quality tutorials that are for beginners. They will set the pace and will quickly settle. Ideally, if it is a course that provides a consistent development of each stage.
  • You need to allocate a place and time when I can play music without complaints from neighbors and with a minimum amount of distractions.
  • Careful approach to the creation of an image, even at home it needs to be perfect.
  • You need to put in front of a mirror, so that all movements can be controlled, to evaluate plastic, correct execution of each element.
  • You should start with simple techniques, even copying other dancers, and only after their successful development, you can start to create your own compositions.
  • Because at home there will be no control from the trainer, should be a maximum attention to flexibility, to do more stretching exercises. To broaden their horizons, learning a few styles.

girls for GOU GOU

The entire dance must be energetic and erotic, however, you need to completely eliminate vulgarity. The main advantage is the emotions and advances that encourage other people to join in the game.

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