What is culture — definition

What is culture? At first glance, it seems that this is a very simple question that anyone can answer. Internally people are aware of the significance of such words, but to Express it and to interpret is problematic. The fact that this concept has a very large number of definitions.

what is culture


The concept of culture is actively used in the environment of the archaeologists. Know that word a certain set of monuments, which has similar features, located on one territory and was created in the same era.

As a rule, each archaeological culture is a clear sign. It may be some form of pottery or drawing on it, original decoration or distinctive features of the burial rite.

If the archaeologist speaks about the culture, so he found evidence of a certain lifestyle of people. It can be tools or any other elements of the ancient «industries».

There are a huge number of archaeological cultures. For example, in the era of the Lower Paleolithic Olduwan existed and Miringka, and during the Mesolithic – Maglemose, Kosma, Impresso, Esilsky and many others. In the Neolithic isolated culture Jarmo, Sesklo, anaa, Hasansky etc.

archaeological culture


Representatives of agriculture will interpret the word culture differently. For them, it is certain plants, by which the receiving of food, feed, medicines and raw materials.

Now all cultivated plants can be divided into grade, grex and group. To Rexam belong exclusively to Orchids, also known as Artechnique. This is the largest family of monocots.

All cultures were obtained by creating hybrids, breeding and genetic engineering techniques. Thus changed wild plants, and this gave rise to the whole doctrine of cultural representatives. Their main difference from the ornamental plants that they don’t have their natural habitat.



The word «Culture» referred to as channels, one of them is Russian and the other belongs to Ukraine.

Russian «Culture» appeared in mid-1997. She provides the audience with a wide range of programs covering public life. There are broadcast musical performances, painting, theatrical performances, classic films, information on literature, science, and religion. As a rule, focuses on the objects created in Russia.

Ukrainian «Culture» appeared in 2002, but widespread until around 2005. In all programs used only the Ukrainian language, and virtually half seem gear created on its own. The channel broadcasts cultural and educational programs and music and children. By «Culture» are cultural and historical materials are displayed.

What is culture?

It’s time to figure out what culture in the broadest sense of the word? You should consult the etymology. In Latin the term can be translated as «cultivation», but in later translations say options like «development» and «education».

Culture is the most diverse human activities. This includes his self-expression, self-knowledge, different skills and abilities. Culture-dependent nature of personality, its diverse knowledge. It can determine the subjectivity of a person.

Thinking about culture a lot of time-wasting philosophers, historians, linguists, psychologists, educators, culturologists, ethnologists and representatives of some other professions. Culture is a broad term, which can be given many interpretations.


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