What is the cous cous

In urban supermarkets on the shelves you can see the unusual porridge yellow. Most bypasses the rump party, because no idea how to cook it. This is not surprising. What is the cous cous, few people know. But this is a very useful cereal from which to prepare a huge number of hearty dishes.

what is the cous cous

Couscous came to us from distant countries. But this does not prevent him from becoming a frequent guest on Russian dinner tables. This cereal is considered traditional inhabitants of North Africa, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Couscous is very reminiscent in their appearance of yellow millet. In fact, it is made from semolina and dry flour.

The useful properties of cereals

Exotic grits can become a favorite treat energetic people who are constantly in motion. Also, she should not refuse those who have to engage in physical activity. Couscous has a balanced content of carbohydrates and proteins that have a positive impact on the metabolic process in the body. Cereal this cereal perfectly nourishes, for a long time dulls the sense of hunger, which means that it does not hurt to include in your menu, people seeking to lose weight.

useful properties of cous cous

Regular consumption of couscous helps:

  • To overcome chronic fatigue.
  • Get rid of depression.
  • To normalize metabolic processes in the body.
  • To accelerate the regeneration of the skin.
  • To eliminate inflammation.
  • Alleviate the condition for anemia.
  • To strengthen the cardiovascular system.
  • To reduce the level of cholesterol.
  • To get rid of respiratory diseases.
  • To reduce the weight.

To continue the list of useful properties can be very long.

How to cook couscous, it was delicious and healthy

Housewives invented a lot of ways that you can cook a delicious mess of couscous. The dish called appetite and still be useful, you can try to make it for a couple. The recipe itself is very simple.

How to cook cous cous

It consists of several steps:

  • Cereal need pour into a clean colander.
  • A container of couscous is placed over a saucepan which already had boiling water.
  • Like this mess we have to hold until it is cooked.

Couscous, cooked such an easy way to retain all its useful properties. Besides, a couple he brought to readiness in just several minutes.

Many Housewives already love following the recipe of fragrant porridge of couscous. Cereal is just poured into a container of water and boil it for 2 minutes. Liquid in the pan should be exactly the same as porridge. If you throw in the finished dish is a small piece of butter, it will become crumbly.

Optional cooking grits, to bring it to readiness. To cook the cereal can be another method. Couscous should just pour boil water or meat broth. After 15 minutes the dish will be completely ready.

There are other recipes, the main ingredient of which is an exotic product. But they do not allow cook to retain all the useful properties of cereals during cooking.

The combination of couscous with vegetables

The combination of couscous with vegetables

Couscous goes well with many foods. But it is best to cook it and serve it with various vegetables. This grain could be a side dish, if you cook it this way:

  • Need to find a convenient bowl in which to prepare the couscous. The ideal option is a deep fryer, pot or pan.
  • In the selected capacity is filled with about 100 grams of cereals.
  • The product pour boiling water (at least 200 ml).
  • While grits are prepared, you can do vegetables. Onion and carrots you need to chop and throw into the pan.
  • 5 minutes later after the start of cooking you need to pour the vegetables with soy sauce.
  • Roast for couscous needs to stew on the fire.
  • When the vegetables are ready, they toss the steamed couscous.
  • Optionally, the dish is seasoned with your favorite herbs and spices.

A side dish of exotic cereals ready. Serve it for Breakfast or dinner. Such a treat will appeal to both adults and small children, who are too choosy in food.

On the menu you see the following dish, which is made of couscous and vegetables. It is easily prepared at home. With the dish can handle even a beginner cook.

Before you begin cooking, you need to stock up on onions, bell peppers, zucchini, pumpkin and, of course, couscous. Also do not forget about vegetable oil and various spices that are in the kitchen.

These vegetables should be washed and cleaned of all the excess (the husks, the stems, seeds). After they are cut into small pieces that are shaped like cubes. While the cook is doing, the pan must heat up the vegetable oil. Once that happens, it poured the prepared vegetables. They need to fry until then, until they become quite soft.

cous cous and vegetables

Separate from vegetables, cooked cereal. It should be steamed with hot water in which you added a spoonful of oil and salt. Within 10 minutes, the porridge should stand. After fill up the total weight and mix well. Flavorful dish can be pritrusit greens and in this form to apply to the dining table.

The combination of cereals with meat

Couscous, like any other porridge, usually served with meat. Especially well with lamb. And here is the recipe of such a succulent dish.

To make the couscous with lamb, to stock up on cereal (500 g), lamb (800 g) carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, asparagus and spices.

First, the cook should chop the washed meat sheep. Add olive oil and salt with spices. This lamb needs to marinate at least 30 minutes. Meanwhile, should do more. Clean vegetables rid of all the excess and cut into pieces. Couscous also need to dissolve in hot water, in which pre-selected mixed spices and salt. The porridge is ready after 10 minutes of infusion.

cous cous with meat

You need to fry the meat separately from the vegetables. It should keep on fire for about 10 minutes. During this time, the pieces of mutton should be covered by the delicious crust of Golden color. Here after you can add crushed tomatoes and pour in some water to achieve the effect of extinguishing products. 20 minutes later the pan should be removed from the plate. In a separate container deep fried vegetables that was left. They should be soft but still retain their shape.

When the vegetables reach the desired consistency, they are mixed with meat and porridge. Then the dish is safe to put on plates and treat your family and guests.

Now no one will have questions about cous cous is that it’s for croup. Everyone should take a chance and buy in the store, this exotic product. As you can understand, no problems in cooking it does not deliver. But bored to diversify the daily menu, the couscous will be able. Unusual taste of porridge, cooked with vegetables or meat products, will cause only pleasant emotions and sensations in the household gathered at the dinner table.

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