What is coffee?

Coffee is a seed of the coffee tree berries which is located in the subtropical zone. The coffee fruits may Mature at any time, which is why they are always collected manually. To gather one pound of roasted beans, you need to use more than 2 thousand berries. One coffee tree per year on average can produce up to two pounds of roasted coffee. For the tree to give the annual harvest, it needs to grow for four or even five years.

what is coffee

The coffee tree does not differ from other trees. Before harvest, we have to watch the blooming white petals, which in appearance can be a bit like the scent of Jasmine. The process of flowering can occur for several days after that, the green coffee berries, and in the period of 6-9 months, they are gradually moving from the yellow grain color in black. Here’s a coffee can already be used for making delicious drink.

kawowe tree

First fruits are special and careful treatment, the berries are dried, then they are well put through a special mechanism that helps to cleanse the seed from the pulp. Often, this process replace the conventional soaking. Wet grain must be dried through and sort by size. The whole process is manual, because they haven’t invented such a machine. As a result of such human work are obtained very tasty grain that give the beautiful aroma of the coffee.

The history of coffee

Today, it is with a Cup of delicious coffee my morning starts every second inhabitant of the country, but not all think about the history of this drink. Its history begins in the tenth century in Ethiopia. Strange to say, but all the beauty and effects of coffee were first discovered by goats. They began diligently to eat the red berries on the bushes, after which they began to increase the power. The shepherd such a thing was very surprised, he decided himself to try not only the berries but also the leaves. They taste was not edible, but over time he began to notice that gradually disappears fatigue, improves power, I want to tell everyone about these amazing berries.

The history of coffee

The shepherd told them about the monks, the missionaries, all began to eat the raw berries from the bushes, suggesting to themselves that they really give strength. This experiment in the X century it was not turning on.

The birth of coffee – 1425 year

Since then, the popularity of coffee has skyrocketed. Ceased to eat raw leaves and berries, they began to make broth, cooked wine. Coffee berries are accepted in food, pre-fried them on fire. The first drink prepared from the fruit, called qahve, after 200 years, it has already started to call coffe.

In 1652 in Italy was opened the first coffee house, and exactly seven years later the first coffee house started in London.

the birth of coffee

Consciously coffee has taken root in Europe only in the 18th century, it had an amazing coffee flavor that could not leave indifferent passers-by. This drink loved by all, as the Europeans and tourists from other countries and worlds. Up to the present time, coffee is just an integral part of our lives that it is hard to imagine without it.

Favor coffee

In addition to excellent taste characteristics, coffee can have a positive impact on our body, it has all the properties needed for full operation. We note the following advantages:

  • The stimulating effect of coffee. Due to the fact that coffee contains caffeine, he has an invigorating effect, so he was used to eat in the morning. Just as coffee has a positive effect on blood flow to the brain, helps to make decisions faster, tones the effects of stress, fights fatigue.
  • The content of antioxidants. One Cup of coffee consists of 1000mg of antioxidants.
  • Prevent certain diseases. If every day to consume coffee in moderate doses, can prevent diseases such as diabetes, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer.

Along with these advantages are the following:

  • The improvement of memory.
  • Stimulation of associative thinking.
  • Reducing the risk of kidney disease.
  • Improving blood circulation.
  • Stimulation of the heart.

In addition to all these benefits, coffee has a beneficial effect on the digestive and immune system. The drink has a positive effect on the secretion of gastric juice, by which food is digested much faster and better.

the kawi'na koryst

Experts recommend to adhere to the optimal amount of coffee per day, namely, cups of coffee in the morning. If you do not follow the rules of coffee drinking, you could face heart disease, as caffeine is a strong stimulant. Drink coffee in moderation, enjoy the taste properties, provide a healing effect on the body and increase the level of wakefulness in the morning.

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