What is coaching?

Everyone at least once heard about the various trainings, seminars, psychological consultations and other similar meetings. In this list you can add one more word, the value of which not everyone knows. What is coaching? What is special about this event?

The notion of coaching was formed by borrowing from the English language. In it there is the word «coaching» means training or instruction. In General, this is true even for the contemporary meaning of the term, but it was in the sports field.

Later the word became used in psychology, and how organizational and cognitive. In General, today coaching is a method of training by which «coach» («coach» in the English language) attempting to help someone to achieve personal and professional goals.

what is coaching

The history of the development of coaching

In addition to the sports industry, the formation of modern coaching has influenced pedagogy and the different psychology, including social and industrial. The role played by the theory of leadership, as well as many other items.

Coaching separated from other similar trainings almost at the end of the last century. Then he could become an independent discipline that was also the reason for the development of professional associations in this field.

It is believed that coaching largely emerged thanks to the work of Timothy Chapter. In the seventies of the twentieth century, he published a book called «the Inner game of tennis». In this work, was formulated one of the key ideas of the whole methodology. Its essence lies in the fact that a real human opponent is not another person or special circumstances.

According to Timothy Chapters, this stumbling block is considered «the enemy in the head.» He is the reason why many are unable to implement their various ideas. In fact, this idea is allowed to form so-called life coaching, which became a separate discipline, developed by Werner Erhard, Laura Whitworth and several other people.

Also its role in the formation of methodology was played by psychological publications that have released Vince Kim Berg, Steve de Shazer and Peter Szabo. Many are given primacy in the creation of coaching that is Werner Erhard, and one of his employees, Thomas Leonard, considered the first successful distribution of this discipline. He created a number of organizations, which are willing to are the trainers or coaches.

Werner Erhard


What is coaching?

At first glance, it is difficult to find a clear distinction between coaching and other various trainings, but it is still there. The fact that this methodology concentrates on the motivation of the client, and not the life lessons and advice.

It is believed that this coach never gives your student has any special recommendations. It’s like they’re together trying to find answers to questions that arise during the conversation. Thus, the main instrument of all classes is adept at the coach to put the right questions.

The result is that man needs to reach their potential and continue to work with him. To some extent, the whole process is tied to the idea that no one, except the person who might not know exactly what was happening to him and why. That is why no one but him, and you can’t find a way out. The coach is a guide on this journey.

Overall, the training can be divided approximately into four stages. In order to obtain a good result, you can not skip any of them.

  • The statement of purpose.
  • Clarification of the real purpose.
  • Plan, taking into account the different ways of achieving the goal.
  • The implementation of the goal.

Overall, from coaching people expect fast and positive results, but that they should strive to change in life, to do everything necessary for that. Some are not only internally want to leave it as is, but I don’t want to do anything to achieve their goals. Such persons coaching will not bring any results.


Features of coaching

In order to fully understand this topic, you need to know about the key terms that are used in the training. As a rule, are three main words.

  • The concept of «the customer». It does not necessarily denote a specific person. As a client may be an organization. In addition, some British coaches call these people players.
  • The concept of «session». This word is hiding a time when there is a conversation between a coach and a person, according to a prepared plan.
  • Any work of these two men can also be called the concept of «coaching format».

Interestingly, the interaction of the trainer with his student is not always only happens with conversations. Since the coaching occurred through sport and psychology, in the work of the mentors is often used in yoga and various breathing exercises. It helps people to open up and relax.

Over time, the training got its own classification system. From the point of view of number of participants, this may be an individual or corporate coaching, also referred to as a group. Depending on goals, allocate business, career and life coaching. Each of these options has its own characteristics.

The types of coaching

As the name implies, life coaching aims to help a person to achieve any personal objectives. Such events are most often individual. In the process, are widely used elements of psychology, neurobiology, and the bases of career guidance. Coaching training for this sector are people with different knowledge. They usually have a diploma of a psychologist or therapist, but the training itself little to do with it.

There is a separate method for people who suffer from attention deficit and hyperactivity. It was first created by Edward Hallowell, at the end of last century, he described the basics in his book. At the head of these measures is the reduction of the influence of dysfunctions of purposeful activities.

Trainings help people organize their time, to carry out the formulation and to achieve a variety of goals. With their help, stand out the personal characteristics of the client, generated expectations that a person puts in front of other people. Although all this is necessary and is not for every patient with ADHD, in General, has been proven the potential benefits of coaching for these individuals.

Business coaching is one among the usually group sessions. It is believed that it helps to achieve greater efficiency and also to achieve personal professional goals, such as improving. This is due to work with skills of communication, improving the degree of organization and leadership development.

Other important elements of the business is working on the ability to deal with conflict situations and the skill to create an effective team. This training is positioning the need for higher colleagues helped others to grow in all respects.

business coaching

Where else apply coaching?

Although coaching is already strongly away from the sports field, it is still sometimes used against her. For example, these coaches not only help athletes in the preparatory process to serious measures, but doing the business of government. In addition, they can act on behalf of their clients. Anyway, their actions are aimed at the victory of the athlete.

Sometimes people turn to coaching for help in order to help them choose and find a suitable job. Simply put, they are engaged in career guidance. Trainings carried out for children so they could more easily do homework and to cope better with studies.

Not so long ago in the world of training, there appeared the so-called financial coaching. He focused on debt, cost optimization, and also helps people learn how to raise money. However, the use of such measures has not yet been proven. Finally, another modern format is the coaching of a healthy lifestyle. It aims to help people to learn to live with their diseases.


Coaching: to be or not to be?

The attitude to this rather new phenomenon, most people are different. Some believe that this is the usual psychotherapy, which did not trouble his moral code and other various limitations.

If this aspect can be questioned, that is another thing that should be remembered by every. If you are in Europe and there are strongly developed organizations that prepare coaches, in Russian-speaking countries are much less developed.

Moreover, the state does not regulate the process of obtaining documents such coaches. This is particularly true for lati-coaching and coaching of a healthy lifestyle. In the result we can not be sure what to do with clients is really able to help them.

coaching for 1 day

If to ponder the question of obtaining a certificate a coach, it is easy to come across such phenomenon. Many Universities conduct coaching training, and this process lasts only a few days. It is unlikely for such a period to learn sufficient in order to help people find their path in life. Even the Federation coaches suggests that such training does not give all the necessary skills.

This is not surprising. Official rates, which, for example, are in California, last much longer. For example, one program includes 125 hours of theory and 10 hours of practice, and examinations. The other option requires at least 3,000 hours of work as a coach under the supervision of another experienced trainer.

Thus, even if the coaching is decent and cost-effective event, residents of the Russian-speaking countries are hardly available, the quality of such training. It is unknown how many will have to wait before these techniques will find their way here.


Video about coaching

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