What is civilization

From the history of Russia we must remember what civilization is. But many may wonder what a civilization briefly, as it can be described without delving into the distant history. In this article we will try to give short answers to questions and clearly convey to the reader what civilization is, how it happens.

The basic definition of civilization

What is civilization

  • Civilization call a community of people, who for some time was supported by some interests had their own views on the economy, culture, sharing common ideals, moral values and mentality.
  • Civilization is a concept that was introduced in the scientific dictionary in 1756. This was done by the French educator Mirabeau. This definition of the French enlightenment was interpreted as a society which was founded at the beginning of justice and reason.
  • Civilization is a certain stage of human development, during which society begins to develop rapidly and to achieve success on his own soil.

These are the three main concepts of civilization, which will help us to understand the essence and concept of the term. To give a complete and structured response, it is worth examining these three definitions and to make a single.

The cycles of civilization

Scientists of those times were allocated to four cycles of civilization, let’s define them:

  • The origin.
  • Development.
  • Flourishing.
  • Extinction.

Each cycle brought about changes in society, so they should always be remembered. If you study or at least think of three definitions given in the beginning of the article, you will be able to understand the meaning of civilization in all its manifestations.

The cycles of civilization

To accurately understand what is civilization, pay attention to the cultural norms that defined the people or the country. Today, from history we can note the following civilizations that have personal traditions and views on life:

  • Assyrian.
  • The Sumerian.
  • Indian.
  • Chinese.
  • Ancient Egyptian.

If certain people would have to accept the traditions of other people, or share with them, then it will cease to function as one and not repeated. Such a country loses the right to be an independent civilization, and in relation to it, this term is already applied may not be.

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