What is sinquan

Your child in school homework to make cinquain, and you don’t know what it is? We offer together to understand what sinquan, what is it used for and how? The benefits for pupils and teachers? Then together we will be able to write a short poem on any theme.

What is sinquan

a small verse consisting of 5 lines, with no clear rhyme does the word cinquain. For the first time this term was used by the American poet Adelaide Krapsi 100 years ago. Studying Japanese literature, she was so inspired by their haiku, I decided to create a new poetic form which consists of 5 rows, each of which contains a certain number of compositions. According to his theory, the traditional cinquain should consist only of the 22 syllables: 2 of which are in the first row, 4 in the second, 6 in third, 8 in the fourth and 2 in the fifth.

For the first time this kind of literature began to put into practice in American schools. This so-called didactic sincan. From other types of cinquains, it differs in that it does not require precise calculation is used in each line of warehouses. It is based on the semantic load of each of the individual lines.

Didactic, or as it is called, classic cinquain, is based on the following principle:

  • The first line consists of only one word. It can be a noun or a pronoun. It must define the theme of the work.
  • Second line. Used to describe the properties of the main theme. It can be 2 of the sacrament or the name of adjectives.
  • The third tells of the actions of the subject. This use of 3 participles or verb.
  • The fourth is the longest and consists of 4 words. Here the author needs to Express his personal opinion regarding the theme of the poem.
  • The fifth consists of only 1 word that can refer to any part of speech. This is a summary of the text, which reveals the essence of the theme.

Such a short unrhymed poem can touch on any topic. Another feature of the didactic cinquain is that the author is allowed to deviate from the basic rules. For example, for writing the main idea or summary is permitted the use of the phrase or a phrase of several (3-5) words. To describe the action, you can use a compiled predicate.

How to write cinquain

Many students liked this activity. After all, to write this verse they do not need to have talent or special skills. Simply learn the form and cinquain, that is, to feel it from inside.»

Instructions for writing a

For starters, the author is better to choose some light and friendly theme. For example, train yourself to make sinquan on «Soap».

  1. The first line will be «Soap».
  2. What happens to soap in a nutshell? Pick any two adjectives that first come to mind. This can be a General concept (scented, foam, etc.), or author comes to mind the image of the soap that he personally uses (fruit, liquid, etc.). Let’s say you turned «yellow, fragrant».
  3. Here you need to pick up the 3 steps. The child needs to explain that this refers not to a specific action that can come from the subject, but also how it can affect others. For example, soap can not only to foam in your hand or smell it can cause tears in case of contact with eyes, to slip and fall on the floor. In addition, they can be washed. For example, you chose 3 of the verb «cleans, smells bubble.»
  4. Now the author will have to Express their opinion on the subject. This refers not only feelings and emotions that you can experience at the thought of the subject. Perhaps this Association is something of a personal life associated with the object, etc. for example, you remember as a child your mother had to wash hands before lunch or slipped fell on him. And you may cook it at home by yourself. Now we have to cram all these memories into 3-5 words. For example: «washes hands before eating», etc.
  5. The summary should consist of 1, maximum of 2 words. For this, read that you managed to write and describe who appeared in front of you the image in one word. If you do not work, give the answer to the question – why was this item invented? What is its role in our lives? Which property of the object can be considered the main? Also, please note that the summary should be related to the previous line. So, if you wrote about hand washing, it is advisable, in conclusion, will say about the cleanliness or hygiene.

The result

Now read your result:


Yellow, fragrant.

Cleans, smells to bubble.

Washes hands before eating.


Thus, practice on something simple, you can move on to more serious things. Examples can be arbitrary, it is enough to choose a topic that surrounds us.

It is now clear how to do sinquan in literature, history or any other school subject. For children this can be a kind of «creative pause». And the teacher will be able based on the student poems, identify the degree his understanding of a particular topic.


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