What is chemistry? What does the word chemistry?

What is chemistry? This question is raised not only by those who have yet to examine the subject in the school course, but those who have it already in the past. What does the word chemistry? Why do we rate the science in school?

what is chemistry

What is chemistry

From the first chemistry lessons in school we learn that the so-called science, which studies what is involved in different substances and what properties they have. High school chemistry tells us about the transformation of various substances and gives a description of these processes, revealing the laws by which it happens.

Chemistry is a vast science that can be divided into:

  • Inorganic chemistry studies the elements represented in the periodic table. The only exception to this is carbon.
  • Organic – studies of various carbon compounds. Humanity has a lot of different compounds of organic nature, the knowledge of which is used in the manufacture of polymers, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals.
  • Analytical, which gives qualitative and quantitative analyses of naturally-occurring compounds.
  • Physical, which studies phenomena, together with the regularities of chemical reactions.
  • Biochemistry – science, at molecular level studying the various processes that take place in living organisms.


The study of substances and their transformation

Everywhere we are surrounded by substances that are dissolved in the us and all that surrounds us: air, water, etc. In nature one can observe the transformation of various substances in a completely new connection. As example, our breath, when we inhale the air with dissolved oxygen, which by chemical reactions is saturated with carbon dioxide. The reverse process is observed when photosynthesis in plants, when the cells of the living plants absorb carbon dioxide and into the environment emit oxygen.

A huge number of chemical reactions happening in rivers and other water bodies. For thousands of years in the bowels of the earth formed coal, gas, oil and various minerals.

chemical experiments

All these processes have always been of interest to people. Therefore, scientists tried to find a scientific explanation for this process, which carried out numerous experiments. After analyzing the results of their experiments, they created their theories. Why chemistry is called experimental science.

The interaction of chemistry with other Sciences

It is known that the natural Sciences not only share a common bond, they interact and complement each other. Any transformation of substances accompany physical phenomena, e.g., heat absorption, etc. This explains the interrelation of chemistry and physics.

The processes that occur in living organisms, in fact, is the metabolism. So the biologist to explain them also need knowledge of chemistry. Geologists such knowledge necessary for the study of the earth’s mineral resources and mineral exploration. Physicians, pharmacists, cooks, cosmetologists chemistry required for the job.

The interaction of chemistry with other Sciences

Chemists-scientists is also needed in other Sciences. For example, without mathematics, they will not be able to provide accurate estimates.

In recent times there is a need for a careful study of the interaction of different Sciences, so I created a new science, having a close connection with chemistry: Geochemistry, agricultural chemistry, coke chemistry, etc.

Chemistry in our life

We don’t even think about the fact that in ordinary life surrounds us everywhere chemistry. During hand washing, the soap interacts with water, forming substances which are able to remove the dirt. Cooking dinner, we one of the substances formed by others who have the taste, smell, etc. To remove limescale in the kettle, we use vinegar, for cleaning stains on fabric, apply lemon juice.

Chemistry in our life

A basic knowledge of chemistry allows us to understand what is happening around us. Without this knowledge it is impossible, and most importantly safe to use various substances.

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