What is cash on delivery on mail?

The world are no longer separate countries and cities that had virtually no contact with each other. People can travel abroad or to other cities of his country, unable to get out letters and parcels. Often, if you order some goods from afar, there is a need to know what the cash on delivery on mail?

What is cash on delivery on mail?

What is cash on delivery on mail?

What do you mean cash on delivery? It’s a certain amount of money that must be paid at the post office who receives the parcel. This is done directly when it is received at the post office. Money, of course, will not remain in the pocket of a postal worker – they will be sent to those who sent the letter or the goods through mail order.

Almost always the occurrence of cod is associated with purchases of products via the Internet. This happens in the following way.

  • Man preparing to send a product.
  • He comes to the post office and draws on his delivery cod. He said that the results of the correspondence should take place only after the recipient pays a certain amount of money.
  • After the collect on delivery payment package is sent to the recipient.
  • The recipient receives a message that it is waiting for the parcel I need to pay cash on delivery.
  • If a person for a limited amount of time (usually monthly) does not pay for the parcel and does not take it, it returns back to the person who sent it.

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The history of cod

What is cash on delivery on mail? This form of shipment was used in the nineteenth century. Various foreign States have used this method for domestic shipments, as well as when dealing with other countries.

In those days there were post surgery instructions. Then, the workers had to demand that a particular person his debts on a variety of accounts and promissory notes. If they received the money, sent them direct to the lender. This first appeared in Germany in the seventies of the nineteenth century.

Later the post office were not only to require the debtors to pay the bills, but were able to challenge the paper. Until the end of the nineteenth century, there have been more than 50 million different postal packages cod.

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Cash on delivery in Russia

In Russia such shipment came much later – from January 1888. However, in less than ten years, has already sent more than a million parcels cod. However, it applied only when dealing with correspondence from different cities. For local transfers, such services were not used.

During the Soviet era in order to send something cod, you need to assess the content of the parcel. As a rule, the amount coincided with that which had to be taken to the addressee.

In the eighties of the last century, if not taken the parcel back to the sender, it could once again send free again. At that time stickers, indicating cash on delivery, was not used. Their counterpart was the stamps.

Modern Russia

What is cash on delivery by mail in Russia today? This shipment with a declared value, the transfer of which the person directs workers to collect a certain amount of money with the recipient.

Usually applied to make an inventory of everything that is inside, a special message and information on cash on delivery. All of these securities are determined by the employee of the post office.

When a person receives a notification when sending cash, he can immediately see on paper the amount it take. Usually the post office takes a certain percentage from the one who sent the package. As a result, the sender receives a receipt that can serve as proof of shipment in case if the mail will give it without payment from the recipient.

In modern Russia, used a special sticker made by a certain pattern. Each parcel has a barcode, which allows you to see details about the shipment process.

When correspondence is received and paid for, the sender will be notified that he may appear at post office with identity document and receive their funds.

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