What is capers

Caper is the buds that did not fully bloom, they are not used in their raw form, and must undergo a process of marinating in the salt and vinegar. The buds differ from each other in size, and cost. The larger the size, the correspondingly high cost. Very often, these buds are served pickled, because they have a delicate and spicy mustard taste, just before which not to resist. Let’s find out what is the capers.

what is capers

Most often capers are used as a garnish or seasoning, in pure form, their use is not recommended because they are too full-bodied taste, which is to overdo it is not worth it. All should be the measure, especially with regard to the use of capers.

How to cook capers?

To achieve a strong taste and magic effect, not enough to properly pickle the buds. Before that must undergo certain procedures. First, all the buds are collected by hand, which technique is not used. The great demand is observed on the small buds, because they not only have reasonable price but also have a wonderful taste, they are considered elite.

The collected buds knocked in the shadows, in order to be able to keep your «live» view. On top, they poured salt in combination with vegetable oil. For cooking, namely, for pickling capers, it will take up to three months. This time will be enough, so they filled their own juice and were fit for eating.

how to cook capers

You can give preference to pickled capers, but if you want to know their real taste, choose salty capers. Of course, to find a second option would be more problematic, but still possible. To improve the taste buds, they should be rinsed under running water, place in a voluminous bowl and pour warm olive oil, which comes from the herbs thyme, rosemary and Basil. After the capers are cool, they can be put into the refrigerator, and enjoy the divine taste of a few days.

The useful properties of the buds

Of course, the capers – it’s not only insanely delicious, but also quite useful. They contain various nutrients and nutrients that are vital to our body. Today it can be considered that the regular use of capers in food has a beneficial effect on the female urogenital system, these buds help to prevent cancer.

Beneficial properties a lot, note the following:

  • A sufficient amount of salts and minerals.
  • The presence of vitamin C and P, with positive effect on blood vessels.
  • Essential oils that strengthen the hair structure, the positive influence on the scalp, hands and face.
  • Comparedin has anti-allergic effect.

Folk doctors used capers during treatment of open wounds because the buds contribute to the speedy healing of wounds, burns, prevent internal bleeding. Often the buds are used as a means to combat diseases of the thyroid gland.

What to eat capers

It is known that capers, cooked as if they were not, not used in pure form, they are added as a sauce or garnish to a particular dish. Very often, the capers add mayonnaise or sauce in a variety of salads, sandwiches and snacks.

pickled capers

Many professional chefs give advice, if you are not a supporter of such buds do not try immediately to experiment. To teach your body to use this component needs to be combined with smoked or salted fish, with meat, with cheese, with fresh greens.

Usually, capers are used in combination with a variety of salads, because it is through salads you can feel all the taste and luxury of the garnish, not going over the top with his number. Often with capers cooking soup, spaghetti, shrimp and other savory meals.

Recipes with capers

  1. Spicy Soup

Prepare the usual meat broth in it add finely chopped onions, finely chopped tomatoes. All together again, put on a slow fire and make a little stew. 5 minutes before cooking the soup, add the capers. Bring to full cooking and serve in combination with sour cream or lemon. The taste will certainly surprise you.

soup with capers

  1. Shrimp with capers

For preparation will need:

  1. A pound of tomatoes.
  2. 1 tbsp tomato paste.
  3. Parsley to taste.
  4. A clove of garlic.
  5. Flour.
  6. 750 g of shrimp.
  7. Onion.
  8. Olive oil.
  9. Salt, pepper.
  10. Lemon.
  11. 2 tbsp of capers.

Garlic and onions finely chop and simmer in two tablespoons of olive oil. Then set the tomatoes and spread them in the pan and tomato paste. During the 10 minute simmer. Fry Shrimp, previously dipped in flour. The resulting sauce pour the shrimp, adding parsley, lemon juice and capers. It turns out a very rich and pleasant taste.

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