What is atheroma?

Atheroma is a disease which is popularly called «Wen» because it is associated with blockage of the sebaceous glands. Atheroma is a benign tumor. To understand what is a sebaceous cyst, to help description. It is a skin education, to the touch it is soft, shaped like a circle, the size can be anything from small point to the size of a 5 ruble coins and even more. Download the atheroma can be on any area of skin where the hair grows: the face, hands, feet, but most often it occurs on the face, head, back, neck and the genital area. Accurate diagnosis can put only a doctor, so if there is a suspicion of atheroma, you should immediately turn to him, despite the lack of pain.

What is atheroma


The causes of sebaceous cysts lie in the adverse conditions of the natural environment, as well as violations of metabolic processes in the human body. Trauma to the skin can also contribute to the development of the disease. Under external influences, the pores are closed, leading to the emergence of this benign neoplasm.

sebaceous cyst on arm

Especially often atheroma occurs in people with increased sweating and suffering from acne. In fact it is related disease, as manifested because of the particular sebaceous glands. Such case in any case can not start, otherwise it can grow even bigger problem.

Signs of atheroma

As mentioned above, the atheroma is a circular formations reach up to 4-5 cm When pressed it can move, but the pain will not be there.

To determine the treatment of atheroma, be aware that it is of 2 types: congenital and secondary. Look at how they differ.

  • Congenital painless sebaceous cysts, are formed on the hairy parts of the human body. Discomfort they do not deliver, so often people are hesitant to consult a doctor for treatment. It is important to remember that this is a benign tumor of the skin disease which is better to cure than to deal with the consequences.
  • More unpleasant secondary atheroma. They can be painful when pressed. Their occurrence is associated with the blockage of sebaceous glands on the scalp of the human skin. If you do not start timely treatment of atheroma may develop into ulcers and even become a malignant tumor. This, of course, happens in rare cases, but better to be forewarned. The transformation of atheroma may not be: it will remain in the form of small tumors, does not cause any discomfort.

discomfort atheroma

If time does not go to the doctor, it is possible complication. It may be accompanied by high temperature, itching, redness at the site of atheroma, deterioration of General condition, painful, fatigue. In the case of accidental disclosure of the location of the tumour may release the pus, which is accompanied by the spread of odor.

Treatment of atheroma

Treatment of atheroma may be operating and folk ways.

Among the folk remedies of treatment of this disease is widespread mutton fat. Melt it and RUB the skin where there is education. Also helps the rubbing and massage of sunflower oil with addition of garlic. Perform both procedures need to the disappearance of the disease.

To prevent the disease or at its early stages may help purge toxins of different collection of herbs.

Usually these methods is enough, but if they don’t help, and sebaceous cyst increases, you can try other methods:

  • The use of silverware. To the place of the atheroma it is recommended to attach the silver product (x, chain or something else) and to walk with him for about 4 weeks. Silver has a positive effect on the resorption of the disease.
  • Use Vishnevsky ointment. This ointment is known for its regenerative properties. With gauze with ointment is applied to the formation for several hours, then check on disappeared disease. If not, the procedure should be repeated.

Vishnevsky ointment

  • The use of plants. Most often used fresh leaves mother and stepmother. They need to fix on the site of the atheroma with a bandage and walk day. The course of treatment is 7-8 days.
  • The use of membranes from eggs. It is applied in place of the disease to total extinction.

In the case of the intervention of doctors atheroma is removed under local anesthesia if the abscess has not yet begun. Otherwise, hide atheroma and withdrawing the pus out. Folk remedies are effective, unfortunately, not in all cases and is most often effective only in the early stages of the disease. So if place the disease causes pain, you should not self-medicate, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Operative intervention is short, and the same day the patient is discharged from the hospital. The necessity of shaving the hair in the site of the atheroma is not.

The consequences of atheromas

At first glance it may seem that atheroma is not terrible, because in most cases besides the cosmetic inconvenience, the other is not shown: the tumor site is not sore, not itchy, not red.

But if it is run, and not to treat, sebaceous cyst can turn into a real trouble for a person up to increase body temperature and malaise.

removal of sebaceous cysts

Atheroma may rupture without surgical intervention. In this case, the wound must be washed and disinfected. Perhaps, of course, will leave a scar in its place.

The most terrible is zagnoenie atheroma. The consequences are unpredictable, often for the treatment are antibiotics.

Prevention of atheroma

One of the reasons for the development of the disease – the toxins that accumulate in the body and not out. In order to clear them from the body it is recommended to take herbs or vitamin complexes.

As for the appearance of prevention, it is recommended here carefully every day to wash the face and other body parts, using a soft sponge and the cleaning means to clean pores, to regularly visit a cosmetologist for cleaning the face, to massage the places where the formation of atheroma, go to the sauna or do a steam bath.

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