What is arterial hypertension?

Medicine is an extremely complex science that is rich in a huge amount of terminology which is free I understand only doctors, and that is not all. The names of diseases sound scary and confusing, not to mention the description of the various symptoms. For example, what is hypertension?


Blood pressure

In order to understand this question, you first need to understand what blood pressure. Heard about it almost everyone, but what do we know about it besides numbers, which shows a blood pressure monitor?

Blood pressure in humans is a vital function. It implies that the degree of pressure with which the blood presses on the walls of blood vessels. As a rule, when it comes to this issue, people discuss it blood pressure, although in addition it also has venous, capillary and endocardial.

Interestingly, every beat of our heart means that the pressure change from the lowest to the highest.

This parameter is determined by the volume of blood that is pumped by the heart per unit time. Typically, for a human the normal value is 110 to 70 mm Hg, but it may differ because of individual characteristics.


What is arterial hypertension?

It is time to understand what hypertension. It is also called hypertension. The essence of this pathology is that the person is an almost constant increase in blood pressure, and performance is always above 140 90.

Almost always, the disease appears in the form of essential hypertension. It is a chronic disease that is diagnosed differentially, eliminating all other options. As a rule, this leads to pathological changes in the morphology of the vessels and the heart.

In rare cases (about 5%) possible secondary or symptomatic arterial hypertension. There are also renal, stress and some other options.

high pressure

The main reasons for the development of the disease

Often to reveal the exact cause of hypertension is impossible, and there are sometimes several factors. The main reasons include:

  • Extremely intense mental activity,
  • The problem with cortical and subcortical regulation,
  • Old age,
  • The lack of physical activity,
  • A large amount of salt in food,
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol,
  • The lack of calcium in the diet,
  • Smoking,
  • Great weight,
  • Diabetes.

There is a factor of heredity.

unhealthy lifestyle

Treatment and diagnosis

Learn about hypertension easy. If you regularly measure your blood pressure, knowing his normal rate, we can see constant improvement in numeric values. Paying attention to this, the doctor should be the medical history transferred or tolerable disease and risk factors, like Smoking and diabetes. This is followed by examination of the heart on the subject of noise and change the sounds, then spend an electrocardiogram and an echocardiogram.

You can apply some other methods of examination of the cardiac system. Also conduct a blood test by which to find out what level and density cholesterol, consider creatine and urea. Doing ultrasound examination of thyroid gland, as her work may be the cause of high blood pressure.

The mainstay of treatment of hypertension in the correction of lifestyle. The patient must exclude salt, and refrain from junk food. He will need to cope with their stress, to give up bad habits and take care of the physical component of the body. Only after working on all these factors drug exposure can exert its influence.


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