What is annotation and how to write it?

At school we are faced with the term «abstract», but a lot of people, even in adulthood, and not know the exact meaning of the word. So what is abstract?

Abstract is a brief summary of the basic content of the source (book, magazine, article). The main task of annotation is to describe the material, point out its benefits and features. Thanks to annotations, you can immediately understand what will be discussed in the book or article.

what is abstract

The types of annotations

Any reader who is picking up a book and reading the description, the first page can determine what is scientific or artistic. All this thanks to the annotations.

In essence, the annotation functions are divided into reference and recommendation:

  • Reference or informative (descriptive). This annotation describes the main theme of the text reports information but does not provide specific estimates.
  • Recommendation. Such an annotation evaluates the source for a certain category of people, specific age and other characteristics of the reader.

the types of annotations

Consumer purpose annotations are divided into General and specialized.

  • General abstract is written for a wide range of consumers.
  • Specialized abstract carries background information and is designed for a narrow circle of specialists.

There are scoping annotations, containing a General description of the multiple sources. As there is a bibliographic and publishing annotations.

Bibliographic and publishing annotations

A bibliographic annotation is on the back of the title page of the book. It contains information about the purpose, genre and time of creation. This annotation contains bibliographic data and is of great value for library staff (presents necessary information about the book and makes it easier to search). It is made according to the rules of GOST at the time of the publication of the book.

Publishing abstract is a common and is located on the back cover. Its purpose is to intrigue a potential reader that he bought the book. But first and foremost, this description should interest the publisher. Because it depends only on the edition will come out or not.

Rules for writing annotations for fiction books

So, what is abstract and how to write it? In publishing, the word «abstract» is equivalent to advertising. After all, the goal of the publishing of the abstract is to sell the book. If it is written correctly, the reader will want to purchase the publication.

When writing annotations in the first place you should start from, what target audience the book is aimed. If the publication is intended for people with no literary masterpieces, the components of the abstract must be short. The reader will have to promise that when reading books he will receive a mere pleasure that he is lacking in ordinary life — the laughter, the tears, the fear.

annotation of the book

If the book is designed for people with exquisite taste, the emphasis should be placed on aesthetic pleasure from reading the works and supply of quality information.

In the preparation of the abstract the author should answer the questions:

  • Where the described actions.
  • Who is the main character going on.
  • The distinctive features of the hero.
  • The plot (very briefly, the summary should not be lengthy).
  • Conclusion.
  • Interesting information about the author.

The basic principles of writing an interesting annotations

The abstract should be written according to the principle of the advertising text — a brief, bright, impressive. After all, what does the word abstract, in this case, is advertising the book. The basic qualities of the text that attract readers:

  • Ease. The text of the abstract should answer the main questions: what is this book? How would not like to describe everything vividly and in detail, it is not worth doing. The simpler the better.
  • Surprise. The description should be a hint of something unexpected: an original idea, mysterious phrase, a bold joke. After all, if the summary of the book will coincide with the information which the reader already owns, he can ignore this instance. But if the look grabs something unexpected, he will surely want to buy the publication.
  • Specifics. In the annotation should be initiated specific actions, emotions, problems. Even if the book referred to abstract themes, to describe them should be more down to earth.
  • Credibility. If the description of the book will be inserted details, which can only know a specialist that the reader will perceive publication as worthy of attention.
  • Emotion. Describe one character of the book, and not a few of the characters. People tend to like a specific person.
  • History. The abstract should be written as a very small story. To describe a tiny story, with elements of surprise, an explosion of emotions and you want to believe.

the principles of annotation

If you write the abstract meets all the criteria, you get a very interesting story want to read more.

Abstract scientific work

If in the literature the abstract is an advertisement of a book, something so abstract scientific paper?

Writing annotations to scientific work is an indicator of not only a competent design, but also a sign that the author knows how to organize information.

Abstract to scientific work performs the following actions:

  • Allows you to find the main content of the work.
  • Helps to understand whether it makes sense to fully study the article.
  • Allows you to find the desired information in the search engines.

In the notes included characteristics of main themes (research), objectives and results of the scientific work. The description says, what’s unique about this article and how it differs from similar works. A correctly written resume, will facilitate the work of the editor and will quickly print and issue the material.

that includes abstract

After annotations are made, the key words of the article, which help the search engine determine the topic of the article.

In the annotation contains not only the essence of the article, but the results of these studies, so it can only write the author, in contrast to the descriptions in fiction. There are a few rules for the correct annotation:

  • To use When writing the scientific language, but understandable for a wide range of people.
  • All features to Express briefly and clearly.
  • Not to deviate from the requirements that apply to these types of jobs (content, volume).

A correctly formatted abstract to the text, is a guarantee that the reader will want to read the original source, scientific publishing or fiction.

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