What is an allegory

In the Russian language there are many words that make it more beautiful and more powerful. Therefore, many people wonder about what is allegory and how to use it.

What is an allegory

An allegory is a description of something with the help of an allegory, in which a certain image is used for the expression of abstract opinions. The meaning of the allegory is quite distant from that image. Usually the relation between the meaning and the image is sameness. For example, if you want to indicate that the person is very thin, I can say that he is «like a reed». Through such allegories can make it prettier and more expressive, especially when it comes to literary language.

what is an allegory

Usually many senses, the seasons, physical description and more expressed through allegories. They are found in the literature, especially when the ideas become more important than the artistic side. However, the nature of the allegory seeks to give the good and bad.

A bit of history

In the medieval culture of the allegory is valued in speech. In the eighteenth century meaning of the word «allegory» has been extended because of its rational basis has become blurred. The concept of «allegorical form» was the basis for the emergence of perfect works of art. It then began to develop the aesthetics of the beautiful. Introduced this concept in the life of I. V. Winkelman. He argued that it is very important to have the Russian language as much as possible of rationality, but it had more sensuality and emotion. However, he did not forget about that it must be associated with «scientific minds». Romanticism in the allegory connected with the character that launched the image of the «allegorical infinite.»


In modern life, the allegory is uncommon. Often it is found in some genres that are clearly focused on morality. These can be parables and fables. You may also see an allegory in the fantastic literature, which does not lose its popularity. In the story, the allegory also occurs quite frequently, especially in satire. For example, a slow person can call «turtle» that will help reflect its quality. Man power can be expressed through the allegory by comparing him with a lion.


Thus, we can conclude that the allegory is still relevant in our days. It is possible to meet it in ordinary language is not easy, but in many literary works still use allegory. This is because it can help add a bright and new colors to the artwork.

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