What is a webinar and its benefits?

Modern information technology has almost reached its peak, and henceforth, to take part in some mass event, the person does not need to be in a particular place. You just have a computer hardware, as well as access to the global Internet with a normal speed signal. We are talking about webinars. What is a webinar?

what is a webinar

A webinar is a seminar which involved a group of people who have expressed a voluntary desire to hold a meeting with peer discussion, or study of certain subjects. The only distinguishing feature of a webinar is that the process of appointments takes place via Internet in online mode. Each of the participants of the webinar is separated from the group, but all share a single communication channel, the presence of which provides a full fellowship.

In the webinar it is possible to conduct thematic reports followed by discussion, demonstration demonstration slides and other images. A webinar also allows you to build the meeting in question-the answer when all the participants of the conference exchanged experience with each other, ask interactive questions and receive answers.

Thus, despite the remoteness of the participants to each other, going the full target audience. A number of people can be unlimited. Importantly, the webinar was organized correctly, taking into account the interests of all sides.

What does the word webinar? The word is of foreign origin and were in Russian language from the English language. The translation of the word webinar (webinar) means: a web conference or online meeting. The first and the second format of the translation is correct.

What opportunities webinar?

In terms of the mass of remote events and collective communication, webinar, there is no competition. Online seminar can give participants a large amount of benefits, if the interlocutors share a considerable distance, and to meet all at once does not work.

how is a webinar

Let us consider in more detail what opportunities for interlocutors opens up the online meeting in the mode of webinar:

  • Target audience with unlimited number of participants. You can communicate by video and audio conference. Don’t have to travel hundreds of miles to get everyone together. You can communicate with interesting people, acquaintance with which in real life would be eliminated due to geographical barriers. You can restrict the conversation in the audio mode, or to withdraw interlocutors on the screen.
  • Presentations and demonstration videos. Today in the webinar will conclude a major transaction, and the manufacturers of the products conduct presentations for foreign partners to promote their products. This is a real breakthrough in the exchange of information between people.
  • Communication in the chat mode. For people who do not welcome video meeting with an unfamiliar audience, or can’t maintain a conversation due to the limited possibilities of the body, there is a conference mode in the form of chat. All participants use one system channel, and write to each other.
  • An overview of the presenter’s screen for the webinar participants. If the host online meeting on your computer screen shows some information, then others can see what is happening on the screen of the head of the meeting.
  • Delegate a presenter to the participants. The webinar administrator may in real time to convey the right to conduct a conference any of its participants. This is particularly useful when between interlocutors is an interactive conversation with defending his point of view and search for the truth.

online conference

The main difference from the webinar video conference is that a huge number of spectators thematic meetings can switch to active interlocutors. Usually on webinars this happens after the speech, leading or after one of the participants finished their report. The ability to argue and ask questions makes the webinar a note of live communication without actually being close to someone. Of course, this is only possible with installed camera (cam) and microphone.

What activities can be carried out remotely in the webinar?

A variety of meetings using webinars, just huge.

modern webinar

Life situations are different, as the reason for the meeting. Still allocate principal conferences in the webinar, namely:

  1. The holding of dramatic videos. This is the direction online meetings is becoming increasingly popular among the active part of the population. In the video training you can learn a lot of new and useful information, to communicate with interesting people. The dramatic videos are intended for the personal development of the participants.
  2. Online conference. First and foremost, it is a direct exchange of experience. The topic of communication can be very different. It all depends on the target audience and what issues are of interest to interlocutors.
  3. Virtual presentations. At the head of this webinar is a man who tries to convey the essence of his thought and presents to the public the fruits of personal activities. The purpose of these meetings will always be holding presentation events to the participants of the conversation looked at and evaluated a particular object.
  4. Online marketing. In fact it is held by one party for the target audience. Enables to carry out sales promotion with minimal advertising projects, but to have a sufficient number of viewers.
  5. Meeting in real-time. Very convenient for companies that have offices in different regions of the country or even the world. Gives opportunity to discuss current production times directly with all participants.
  6. A videoconference interview. It is a subtype of the webinar, which can take part the representative of the employer and the job seeker, or an interview being held by several people, United in a kind of Commission. The best option for people who are looking for work in another city.

Opportunities and types of activities that are conducted in the webinar, simply amazing.

What are the benefits of webinars?

secrets webinars

This is the format the online meeting has its specific benefits for all participants. Here are some of them:

  • To get to the seminar do not need to go to other cities and sometimes countries. An interesting meeting and conversation, without leaving room of his apartment.
  • Saved lots of time that could be spent on family and friends.
  • Building effective learning process in the comfort of home atmosphere.
  • There is no need to install additional software. Need only a stable connection to the Internet, microphone and webcam.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of all advantages of this online meeting. A webinar, primarily is the ability of communication for modern, open and curious people.


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