What is a repost?

Social networks are more and more conquering the world. They are almost all small children, adults and even the elderly. The sites give people of different capabilities, and because of them, there and new terminology. For example, what is a repost?

what is a repost

What is a repost?

As a rule, most of the modern terms are created by borrowing English words. With «repost» the same thing. In the English language is the word repost. Now most dictionaries will not give him a translation that is different from the direct sound, however, it is possible to consider separately the components.

The prefix «re» means that something has already happened and is happening again, a kind of re-action. Post also can be translated as «lodging» or «messages». Thus, a repost is a copy of something.

Of course, this can happen anywhere on the Internet. People copy other people’s articles and pictures, add them to their sites, but this is not considered a repost. Moreover, different sites give different names to this phenomenon. It is necessary to consider two key examples.



Twitter is a social network, which is based on the microblogging. That is, people who have a Twitter account, post on their pages, usually a short and pointed utterance. When a person stumbles upon someone had left phrase, he can just pass by it, maybe write something or make a retweet.

Retweet add found a message on his own page, while the original author will be visible to all. Thus, there will be a second location.



All persons having accounts in popular social networks Vkontakte, know what is a repost. Usually this word is used in relation to this website. Of course, Russian-speaking citizens will be able to find on the page a button with the same name. It looks a little different.

To repost and share – VK is the absolute synonyms. Any image or block of text you can find the «Share» button. By clicking on it and selecting a suitable place, man doing a repost. Thus it duplicates what we found on your page, in the group, where is an administrator, or someone in private messages. This re-location will be called repost.


Why you need a repost?

Use the button to Share people spread around the social network a variety of information. All strive to show your friends and followers that they are important or interesting. People repost the original recipes, funny memes, and just beautiful pictures.

Contest repost – a very popular phenomenon in this social network. His point is that someone is creating an information post in which promises a prize. This prize will be awarded to a randomly selected person, if he fulfills certain conditions. Typically, these conditions only two. The first agitating wants to win a subscription to the group, which announced a contest. The second condition is that you need to repost the contest entries. Thus, in order to take part in such contests, it is important to know what is a repost.


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