What is a patio?

Currently become increasingly popular, country homes, especially among residents of large cities. Everyone dreams about spending a weekend away from the daily hustle and bustle and into fresh air. In many houses you can appreciate the patio. What is a patio? This architectural decision helps even more to get in touch with nature and relax not only the body but the soul.

Patio near the house

What is a patio?

Patio every year is becoming more common, as it looks like a small courtyard, which is located on the site of a country house, but creates the impression of separate buildings.

Several decades ago, such a small secluded corners was considered a whim of the rich. Those who lived modestly, every meter of land used for domestic purposes. But these prejudices eventually passed and in almost every suburban house you can see the patio.

The word patio has Spanish roots, as in the translation sounds like «a house without a roof». But the architectural structure of this plan were also found in ancient Egypt and were popular in India.

Today, in those countries where the hot climate, a patio can be seen in every home. And the desire to have a small extension occurs in every person. Indeed, at first glance, this secluded place not only helps to relax and some time to forget about everyday worries, but also visually expands the living space.

Even the small patio is a great place for holiday dining, or quietly watch the sunset with your partner. And noisy company of friends will not remain disappointed from the time spent in the fresh air.

looks like a patio

Many people think that the bar and patio are one and the same. But they are sadly mistaken.

The terrace, though it is considered an open structure, but at the same time is part of the house. In contrast, a patio is located on one plot of land near a dwelling house.

Patio differ from each other:

  • Size.
  • Layering.
  • Trim.

Even if there is no multi-level site, which contains comfortable furniture and decoration design flower beds and fountains, and just on a small piece of land, tiled, which are the usual plastic chairs and table, the composition is quite right to be called a patio.

How to determine a suitable location for the patio

Today, probably, every owner of a country house (of course, if he has not had time to build a patio), the question arises — patio – what is it and what is the most suitable location for this area? Because you want to be there at the same time was calm, and cozy, and in the presence of guests –barbecue.

patio near the house

This question we can calculate for each individual person:

  • One wants to retire to the street could not see what was happening behind the house.
  • Others prefer to sit, relax, and watch what’s happening outside the gate.
  • The third prefers to the area behind the house was observed and the street was in sight.

Many people build patio a short distance from exit in the house to make it easier to set the table.

For some better to a patio was located far from home, in the farthest corner of the plot. But, in this case, it is desirable to provide some details:

  • When this facility is intended for quiet rest in the dining time, for example, with a book in his hand, then the most suitable it is possible to calculate a shady place.
  • If you want to use this area for sunbathing, the position it is only necessary to lit the area where the sun’s rays throughout the day.

In our time, not-so novelty is the availability on site of the pool. In this case, a patio next to it is the best option. At the same time, without leaving home, you can get three things at once:

  • To arrange picnic with a shish kebab or barbecue.
  • Enough to soak up the sun and get the tan.
  • Water treatment in pure water.

the location of the patio

The construction of a patio need to be realistic to be comfortable and cozy and, in the case of sudden bad weather, to avoid inconvenience.

Appearance patio

Before beginning the construction of a patio, you should decide on flooring. It should be done at a slight increase to accumulated water after a rain. For flooring you can use any material:

  • Stone.
  • Brick.
  • Wood planks.
  • Coquina.
  • Marble or granite chips.
  • And other similar materials.

Color scheme patio should be in harmony primarily with the external form of the house.

If the building is located too close to walls, it can be masked with climbing plants. Also a great combination in any case will be tubs with plants. It is not only visually increase the distance from home, but also add a special charm and coziness.

In some cases, in order to feel more alone, planted the bushes around the patio.

How to make a patio

When such structure is located a bit remotely from home to stay did not prevent the nasty weather, it is possible to prudently stretch in the form of a roof tarpaulin or sailcloth.

Special attention should be paid to furniture for patio. Most importantly, it was moisture proof. Basically, leave your choice on:

  • Wood.
  • Forged.
  • Wicker products.

Allowed and upholstered furniture, but then it will be extra special covers for her.

In the more expensive patio set made fireplace. Also in some houses it is possible to observe the hotel’s grounds, which includes a kitchen with stove, refrigerator, running water and sanitation. Such constructions are, mostly, welcome guests.

When the construction of the patio to the large size, it would be appropriate to post here a comfortable gazebo.

The popularity is gaining on patio fire pit. It not only fits perfectly into the interior, but also creates a certain charm. Except that it always emanates warmth, putting on top of the bars, it is possible to prepare any dish. Another advantage of the Cup is that around it there’s sparks and smoke.

Look around the house

That’s all basic information, what is a patio home is, and there is a desire to have it depends on the person.

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