What is a metaphor? Functions and varieties

Russian language is not only powerful, but also very interesting. It contains many unusual words that represent a value. Let’s look at what a metaphor when it is used, what are the definition.

what a metaphor


Russian language allows us to Express the thought in different words, using certain phrases that contain a great deal of sense. The more a person vocabulary, the detail and clearly he will be able to Express their thoughts. Metaphor is the use of certain phrases in a figurative sense, which is based on the transfer of signs from one phenomenon to another if they have certain similarities. The basis of the metaphors were always compare.

Functions of metaphor

A metaphor has many features, note the following:

  • Evaluation – it is used when you want to evoke the idea of one or another person or object, for example, «the wolf man» is a metaphor which explains that this person is prone to aggression, anger, rapacity.
  • Emotional-evaluation – it is used for the purpose of receiving emotional impact, it literally creates imagery of language. Should the example include the following: «He looked at her, like a sheep at a new gate».

Types of metaphors

Metaphors are banal and original. Banal metaphors we hear every day, we used them in casual conversation with people around us. Original all more common in books, narrative films, business conversations. You can highlight the simple and detailed options.

examples of metaphors

Simple metaphors are metaphors, which consist of two or three words, they can describe the item with only one hand. Among the common metaphors include the following examples:

  • The toe (front part).
  • Went like clockwork (all perfect).
  • Mountain (much interested).
  • Throw the roots (to stop).

It can also be noted and detailed metaphors, they can be not just words but also whole expressions, phrases, sentences. In some cases, deployed metaphors, there are entire poems.

The main purpose of these metaphors is the description and not revealing anything. It is important to understand that the use of metaphor is appropriate only if it looks realistic, appropriate and contains a deep meaning. Each metaphor has a right to exist if it is created with the purpose of conveying full information to the person using the comparison.

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