What is a highlighter for the face? How to apply highlighter?

The beauty industry gave a lot of new terms and a lot of opportunities for decoration. Every woman wants to be the most beautiful, interested in novelties. But not everyone knows what a highlighter.

What is a highlighter for the face?

The content highlighter — decoration face using cosmetics, almost a drawing, create the face. Because each person is in appearance the advantages and disadvantages. In any case, and especially in beauty, it is customary to hide the flaws, but the advantages to decorate. Therefore, to understand what is a highlighter for the face, is not difficult.

What is the highlighter for face

Actually this is a highlighter. With the help of cosmetics, the wizard adjusts the face, creates a favorable terrain and the color hides wrinkles and pigments.

Military can be in the form of various cosmetic products, such as:

  • Powder.
  • Proofreaders.
  • Blush.
  • Shadow.

All these funds have one distinguishing feature: they contain a reflective substance that allows you to successfully adjust the appearance of the face, to do something similar with masking. Therefore, the color of the light often predominate in shades of Nude:

  • Golden.
  • Silver.
  • Beige.
  • Bodily.
  • Whitish.
  • Ivory.

Where to apply highlighter?

To give the face the desired form, to obtain the desired cosmetic effect, it is necessary to know which part of the face, where to apply highlighter?

Of course, if you go to a professional beautician, makeup artist, and it is possible not to reflect on that question. But many people prefer to do the procedure independently. And for this you need to have the skills, but that will come with experience, and knowledge in the first place.

highlighter for face

The basic rules of lighting distribution on the face:

  • The forehead and the area above the eyebrows. This will help to make higher and more prominent the forehead, the eyebrows to highlight.
  • His nose wings. Important for owners of miniature spout, because the lighting can visually make the nose a little bigger.
  • The middle of the nose. This area is for big noses. If you apply highlighter on this part, it is possible to reduce the outline of the nose.
  • The face under the eyes. Applying highlighter here, correcting a convex or concave eye socket, swelling and circles around the eyes, give the face a fresh youthful appearance.
  • The eye area above and below the eyebrows. This technique highlights the shape of the eyebrows and widens the expressiveness of the eyes.
  • The contour of the lower lip. Here it is possible to achieve visual lip augmentation, it’s important for women with very thin lips.
  • Above the center of the lower lip — just to emphasize and correct the shape of the mouth, volume and shape of the lips themselves.
  • The corners between the lips. Applied to this zone highlighter will help to remove the creases and wrinkles that are often found here

How to apply highlighter?

Another important value is and how to properly apply highlighter on the face to get the desired result. This can be done with hands and brush. It all depends on what specific tool will be applied. Because the highlighter can be dry, creamy.

And it is important to remember that all cosmetic procedures will certainly need to do with very good light, preferably in daylight or under bright lights that will illuminate the face from all sides and to give as little shadow. The fact that in different lighting, the makeup looks different, gives different shades of color. That is why is still recommended to apply highlighter in afternoon sunlight.

applying highlighter for face

Choosing the shades of lighting, you need to do the test. Apply to the skin of the hands, wait a few minutes so it can permeate the skin, and only then can you understand what happened in the end, if it suits in color and texture.

The application of the lighting on the face

To apply highlighter better short strokes, rubbing strokes along the area of application. Proper use of lighting depends on the choice of tools. Each has its own texture, consistency, and therefore are applied each in completely different ways. Highlighter may be in the form of a cream, powder, compact powder or liquid concealer.

When choosing a vehicle, you need to determine exactly what it will be used. To illuminate the face and make it glow, better to use loose media or compact. But if you want to improve facial features, to correct some areas, in this case, you should prefer liquid or creamy highlighter.

Liquid or cream absorbs well into the skin, therefore, it can be sculpted face, it is perfectly suited to handling large areas of the skin. Well, pencil is more suitable for correcting fine lines of eyes, eyebrows, lips, nose.

lighting properties

Highlighter the loose powder structure is applied to the skin using a round cosmetic brush. But compact highlighter for underlining and correcting small areas applied with a thin brush. With its help, you can apply the product on a small area, even spot.

Which highlighter is better?

To answer the question, what is the highlighter better, almost impossible. Already considered that every type of facility used depending on what result you plan to achieve. So all the styles and types of lighting are equally good and applicable. Of course, we should not lose sight of the individual characteristics of the skin, and tendencies to reactions to cosmetics. This is the pre-sample means.

In addition, if the skin has problems with acne and acne, it is not necessary to resort to the highlighter. First, it can hurt skin problems, and secondly, just can’t help. On the contrary, will only emphasize what you were going to hide.

So we should not simultaneously apply highlighter all over the face. As these funds mainly cover the areas of the body, in this case it is possible to overdo it, and the face becomes colorless, flat. But the highlighter is designed to do quite the opposite.

how to use highlighter

Why you need a highlighter?

Having considered various options for sculpting faces, you can finally answer the question, what’s with the highlighter. Of course, first and foremost, to decorate, to give him correct shit, the concealment of defects and underline advantages. It can be used perfectly to mask wrinkles, to correct a small or large part of the persons acting under or is owned by a very large amount. In the end, just to give the face a healthy look.

And another important purpose is to make the face shining and festive. That is very important if you plan to visit the restaurant, discos, clubs, etc.

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