What is a fable?

At literature lessons in school, children learn different art works. First, this is a simple poems and tales, then they start reading more serious classical works. Its special place in education is a fable, and children wondering, what is a fable? What kind of work? What is its essence?

what is fable

The history of fables

According to the researchers, there are two theories of the origin of fables. The first is related to the German philologist Otto Crusius and A. Housecom. For others, role in the Foundation of this genre played an American. E. Perry.

Depending on the concept, and changed the process of creating the works. For example, in the first embodiment, the main role was assigned to direct the story. People told some kind of tale or myth, and then to it was added the moral.

Second concept all the way around. Basing on a kind of deep thought, which were due by a certain story.

At the moment the first leak of the fables believe Sumero-Babylonian literature.

What is a fable?

Usually, this kind of literary works written in verse form, though there are prosaic options. In any case, the bike will carry a certain morality, based on satire.

Usually this main idea does not need to look » between the lines, as it often happens in different verses. Morality is almost always briefly displayed at the end of the fable, as a conclusion.

Such works focus their attention on human vices, however, do not show them directly. People hardly appear in the fables. Most often, authors use images of animals. A classic example is the famous «Crow and the Fox», where the animal world has seen the behavior of people.

Of course, the animals, the authors of fables are not limited. Sometimes the main characters become plants, and rarely some items.


Spread fables

If today to ask the people what fable, that first come to mind Krylov. They marked a kind of Golden age of this genre in Russia. However, long before Ivan Andreevich, the poetic morals were the most outstanding representatives of Ancient Greece and Rome. They were Aesop and Phaedrus. Even in India, in the third century ad, was a collection of fables.

Subsequently, the genre has become a Frenchman named Jean Lafontaine. Shortly after this began in Russia, and many names have earned recognition through writing fables. They include such writers as Aleksandr Petrovich Sumarokov, Ivan Ivanovich Dmitriev and Vasily Kirillovich Trediakovsky.


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