What is a coworking center?

The name of the new business line «Coworking» literally means «working together». This simple phrase can be described. In Russia, the so called performing office duties at home. In this profession there are many positive aspects that this trend is rapidly gaining popularity.

what is coworking

What is coworking, there is little one can say. In General terms, it is called free kind of work that does not require the stay of an employee in the office. So for a person new opportunities. He’s on his own. Feeling full freedom of action, employees who work remotely, give the maximum result when performing their tasks.

There was one more such an interesting concept of a coworking center what it is guess not so difficult. By this phrase I understand a special room which contains all the necessary components for effective operation. Most often, these office space they lease it for a specific period of time. Unlike conventional offices, in such areas a sense of lightness and ease. The employees quietly go about their assigned chores, communicating with each other, discuss topical issues.

the features of coworking

Distinctive features

Coworking has a number of major differences from the usual jobs. First and foremost it should be noted that this type of employment allows employees and managers to new experiences, to create incredible ideas and successfully bring them to life. In such places usually are going to people who are perfectly acquainted with the tasks that require quick execution. They have a certain level of knowledge and experience, and its use to achieve the goals. People feel a real freedom, which produces in their minds an unexpected solution to difficult problems. And this is the guarantee for productive outcome.

Recently started to organize a special co-working group. Participants can be people that meet the proposed rules. For example, members of the same community become exclusively women and other representatives of a particular nationality who are engaged in business. Differ in these groups and in the field. In short, areas can be very much. So to be in this organization it is can anyone, if it happens the community according to their interests.

coworking office

The space in co-working groups distributed so that each participant was comfortable enough. Residents have the opportunity to work productively, and enough to communicate with colleagues. The tenant has the right to assign a person of a particular place or to allow him to personally choose creative area.

In work centers, there are places which function as conference rooms, rest rooms, training rooms and venues available for rent. The founder of this organization has the opportunity to set up your temporary office. Some even put small kitchens and showers. Often rooms equipped bedrooms, where residents can spend the night, if you stayed out late.

work remotely

To the idea of productive work has justified itself in advance to take care of the proper allocation of space. You have to know the preferences of potential employees and their needs.

The main advantages and disadvantages

This kind of business has the following positive aspects:

  • The opportunity to spend time at your pleasure.
  • Complete freedom of action.
  • The work takes place in a relaxed atmosphere that allows you to come up with interesting ideas.
  • There are no strict boss who is constantly breathing down my neck and curses for the slightest offense.
  • The opportunity to quietly chat with new people, share with them your thoughts and knowledge.
  • To work in the center, do not have to follow the rules of the dress code.
  • There is a chance absolutely free obtain useful skills and experience.
  • The opportunity to participate in interesting trainings.
  • The complete lack of distractions, which, moreover, can have a negative impact on the mood of the worker and his health.

Actually the list is very long. He has no boundaries, the same as coworking. However, like any other business, it has a couple of drawbacks.

which implies coworking

  • In Russia, such centers have not yet had time to obtain popularity. So you can find them in your city is problematic.
  • No full security of transactions, since the tenants constantly replace each other. Therefore, due to carelessness, you can come across fraud.
  • It is impossible to trust every person who works in the city. It is not excluded that some of the temporary colleagues will want to usurp someone else’s thing. So you have to constantly monitor their own property, which greatly detracts from workflow.
  • It is not always possible to find a place near disciplined neighbors, who appreciate other people’s space.

Coworking begins to actively take their place in modern business. In this case it is worth to try for every young person who has not yet decided what he would like to do, what way to earn a living. Most still succeeds. Co-working has become a major business, generating a good profit, one needs to approach it with all seriousness. You should study its laws, to find tips from knowledgeable professionals and then safely get down to business. In the end, for a novice owner it would be a good experience that will help it to further implement its business plans.

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