What is a choker?

What is a choker? The answer to this question can know people that deal in jewelry. However, despite this, it has many varieties and are made of different materials. So you should thoroughly understand all the nuances of the issue.


What is a choker?

When studying this concept interesting and quite funny to turn to its meaning and translation. In Russian language the word came from English – choker. Using any dictionary it is not difficult to find a translation Strangler.

This concept accurately describes this jewelry. Essentially, a choker is a necklace, but it is very much adjacent to the neck, literally surrounds her. To become a true Strangler, decoration separates a size Adjuster, which allows you to leave space for breathing.


The history of the chalker

Although this kind of necklace is very popular today (often black or colored plastic options), he was born quite a long time. Many call the creation date to the second century BC, but, objectively speaking, the exact moment is difficult to determine and unlikely.

The oldest chokers have been discovered on the lands of America, and scientists have determined that they have been there approximately since the second century. This does not exclude the possibility of a huge number of similar decorations existed before, but just did not reach us (or not found).

Chokers were used by the native peoples of America to decorate the neck. If this necklace had a symbolic meaning:

  • It protected vulnerable flesh;
  • Was worn by leaders to demonstrate power.


At the same time, chokers have spread to Egypt and Asia, and then they reached the Roman and Greek lands.

As for the Asian countries, in which the necklace was actively used for pulling the neck. Many are familiar with images of people with dozens of tightly stretched rings. These peoples believed long neck is a sign of noble birth, and therefore so have developed it from childhood.

The Egyptians built their chokers made of gold, but because they were worn only by the elite, that has to do with politics. Native American tribes produced jewelry of bones, shells and wood. The Greeks and Romans all used the skin because they wore similar beads just for their own slaves.

In China, the choker was part of the ammunitionused in melee. Their basis were created from leather, but additionally attached spikes, at length reached 30 cm. Over time, military paraphernalia was an element of self-defense of ordinary people. In particular, they were worn by pregnant women.


Development of chokers

After the fall of the Roman Empire, necklaces permanently left public fashion. They returned around the time of the middle Ages, but then the answer to the question, what is chocker, much has changed. Beads lost all aesthetic value. At that time, the chokers again began to be used as a means of self-defense. Besides criminals, necklace with spikes were to protect man from witches, bites of werewolves and vampires.

Aesthetic value returned during the Renaissance, because this decoration is perfectly combined with strong neckline and high hair. To Rococo style beads were created of pearls and precious stones. The main part was made of gold or silver, although it was also used fabric. For example, the chalker could be of satin or velvet ribbon, often black.

Such options were only to know and wealthy people. The rest do the enamel analogues or using clean cloth, without stones. These types became popular during Classicism, when promoted restraint Fort. However, the options of stones and precious metals were previously used.

development of chokers

Chokers of our time

When did the fashion for the bourgeois splendor of the temporarily lost and the passion of people to cockeram. She returned in the eighties of the last century, during the invasion of the hippies and the dawn of the sexual revolution. However, the most widely chokers have been used by supporters of the year who used options leather metal studs and spikes. This style is still maintained.

chalker shipi

In the nineties necklaces have become an element of glamour, and not simply wardrobe. They are created from synthetic fabric acid colors, although it was also used animal color. As a rule, chokers worn with other jewelry like the plastic beads, beads or pendants.

21 century gave the opportunity to actually wear necklaces of any time period, not paying attention to their past social value. Elegant distributed network options, the luxury model of a classic diamond or pearl. Have not gone away and leather models, and they added the most popular chokers of plastic and silicone. Finally, many use a kind of collars borrowed from the characters of games, anime, movies and cartoons.

modern choker

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