What is a Charter flight?

The phrase — Charter flight, quite often in our life. Many heard him, and even flew this flight, but did not understand what it means. So what is a Charter flight, what is its difference from the usual flight and the flight is better to choose?

What is a Charter flight

What is the Charter?

What do you mean Charter flights? A Charter flight is a flight that eating is not an airline and a travel Agency. At many air destinations that tourists love, no regular flights, especially in small towns. In this case, the travel Agency negotiates with the airline about the flight. In other words, the operator leases the aircraft to the airline. If one operator is not able to fully fill the plane with his travelers, he invites other tour operators.

The main advantage of a Charter is the price. On a short flight the difference in price with regular flight can reach 50%. And importantly, the closer the departure, the lower the price, unlike the regular that before departure the price rises.

But these flights are flying not constant, but seasonal. Most often, they fly in the summer and during the holidays.

The differences between regular and Charter flights

Many people comparing the price of a regular ticket and the Charter flight will not hesitate to choose below. But before to do this, you need to know some details:

  • Tickets for Charter flights, mostly to the contrary. Renting a non-refundable ticket for regular flight, it is possible to return taxes and fees, on a Charter flight will not return a penny.
  • From Charter flights. These flights fly in a «window» between regular departures, respecting the Charter of the graph. If the departure of your Charter flight was delayed for technical reasons, after they resolve to depart at once. Will have to wait for the next «window».
  • A passenger Charter flight failed to offer any demands or claims of the airline. Because this ticket, the airline is not sold, the ticket provided travel firm.
  • Bonus miles on the Charter are not cumulative.
  • Charter places are not divided into classes, all fly in the same conditions.

The advantages of Charter flights

If regular flights has so many advantages, why charters are popular?

  • The main and indisputable advantage of Charter flights is their low cost.
  • These flights are direct links to many popular resorts.
  • You can pick up a Charter flight in the rare areas.

looks like a Charter flight

The main disadvantages of Charter flight

Having the main advantage is low cost of the ticket, Charter flights have a number of disadvantages:

  • For the lack of schedules, Charter flights usually depart in the time interval from 4 to 6 o’clock in the morning. Once in the destination in the morning, have a long time to spend in the lobby of the hotel inhabit at 14:00.
  • If due to weather conditions, delayed flights, Charter flights passengers will be sitting in the airport much longer than regular passengers. For tour groups, it’s not very scary, because the dates of the rest will move automatically. But if you are traveling independently, you can half the rest sit waiting for the flight.
  • Do not build far-reaching plans, focusing on the departure time in the ticket. Delay Charter for 10-20 hours, absolutely normal.
  • To buy a ticket «there and back» will have to adjust to the flight schedule of the Charter. Usually, it’s 1 in every 7 or 10 days.
  • Buy a ticket in the ticket office of air impossible. Tickets provides tour operator or they can be purchased on a special website.

But there are so-called «regular Charter flights». In this case, the operator buys a number of seats on a regular flight. In this Charter the date will not transfer and will have access to all privileges of a regular flight.

The benefits of regular flights

The cost of tickets for regular flights is significantly different from the cost of the Charter. But these flights have great advantages:

  • Ships flying regular flights on schedule. They belong to a specific airline, which carries full responsibility.
  • A ticket purchased with the airline, is the official contract for the provision of services.
  • The passenger has the possibility to return the ticket, if he had not used the service.
  • You can buy a ticket «there — back» with the exact return date. This ticket is non-refundable, but the cost is almost 2 times lower than in the same direction.
  • In the case of extended flight delay, the carrier is obliged to provide food and sleeping place.
  • Almost all airlines has a bonus program. With the accumulation of a certain number of kilometres in one flight would be free.

features a Charter flight

On a flight on a Charter flight

What do you mean Charter flights? It is a cheap flight to the place where you do not make flights regular flights. Therefore, Charter airlines don’t think about what would make you a regular customer, it’s just not possible, and this is skimping on quality of services and the convenience of passengers during the flight.

  • The company refines the interior, in order to fit more passengers. Therefore, the space between the rows and seats, much less than in conventional aircraft. On short flights it is not very difficult, but if you have to fly about 8 hours, this inconvenience.
  • On amenities such as pillow and blanket, can not count.
  • The food is not on every flight.
  • Before buying the ticket «there — back» costs to consider. Because the aircraft may be very late or just takes the date of departure and from the hotel you already eat.
  • Before buying a ticket on a Charter you need to figure out what airport the plane lands and how to get to the city (charters are maintained at remote airports). The amount spent on a taxi, exceed the amount saved on the ticket.

a flight on a Charter plane

Now you know what is a Charter flight.

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