What is happiness?

If you ask people: «What is happiness?», everyone will answer differently. After all, the answer to this question is one of those things that define our personality. Without exception, all people dream to be happy, but what is the secret to a happy life few people know. Perhaps there is no secret?

What is called happiness?

In order to understand the secret of happiness, you must first give a definition of this phenomenon. Answering the question of what is happiness (in your own words), we can say this: happiness is a special state of mood of the person associated with the experience in the moment of time of such feelings as joy, pride, beauty and harmony.

what is happiness

When we say that a person is happy, we don’t mean that he is upset about something, upset, or puzzled. Such a person does not experience negative emotions. He is not suffering, not angry and has no problems. Therefore, the main condition of happiness is its limitation in time. A person can be totally happy now, but just a few minutes, having gone through shock, it ceases to be so, because the inspired condition changed to negative.

Therefore, happiness does not depend on external causes, but directly depends on the internal state of the person.

Criteria for happiness

Among psychologists do not cease debate about the criteria of happiness. But, nevertheless, we can distinguish the following main criteria:

  • The enjoyment of life. Person-an optimist is much easier to treat everything that happens with the positive, because he understands the value of life, and therefore, feel its fullness, enjoying it.
  • Favorite thing. When a person does what brings him pleasure, it is always great. If people work in a fun, this is doubly good. As they say: «the Best job is a well paid hobby».
  • Life here and now. One of the conditions of happiness, as mentioned above, is the ability to feel the present moment, that is, the time constraints. The person who is constantly making plans, living for tomorrow, and depriving themselves of the opportunity to truly enjoy the moment. The life of such a person is fleeting, happy to call it impossible.
  • The ability to make a choice. In social situations we often put ourselves into some kind of framework. Living in a society, that’s fine, but you need time and the right to be free from these chains that shackle us. One of these circuits is the choice that needs to be done in a given situation. To make your life easier, you need to make decisions quickly, not getting stuck in the details.
  • The love and support. Perhaps the most important criterion of happiness. Without love and support from loved ones, we will never be able to gain the confidence, commitment, ability, and other important things that are needed in order to experience the fullness of life.
  • The absence of envy. Envying someone, we are destroying ourselves from within. Happy people understand this. In order to get closer to happiness, you need to cultivate a sense of love for people. Happy not jealous of others, they rejoice for others.
  • Dedication. If you have no target, you don’t know what to strive for and something to live for. Yes, happiness is the ability to live here and now, but it is important to know something to live for. The goals that we set for ourselves, help us grow, they make us better.

criteria for happiness

What is happiness?

Some people tend to live in illusions that they themselves create. This is especially characteristic of those people who believe that happiness depends on material values. Will figure out what is not happiness:

  • Material things. As they say, the rich also cry. The availability of real estate, cars, yachts, and other expensive items does not make a person happy.
  • Limitless fun. Regular sex, good food, a trip abroad is something that resembles happiness, but it wasn’t. Happiness should be called a special state of man, these pleasures affect the formation of this condition only partially.
  • Possession of the information. You can know everything and not be happy.
  • Talents and abilities. That person is talented doesn’t make him happy. Talent can help to achieve success in some area, but not in all areas. Abilities can bring money, success, but there are no such abilities, that can bring love and understanding, that is, the things necessary for happiness.

happiness is in the details

What you need to do to become happy?

If you follow the guidelines below, you can easily set foot on the path of happiness:

  • No need to compare yourself with other people. Remember that you is already unique and inimitable personality. If anyone has more luck, it does not mean that this person is better than you. One doesn’t neglect luck. Soon you can experience it for yourself, and then you need to compare yourself to someone will disappear by itself.
  • Try to always set goals. Be motivated and confident. When there is a goal, there are ways to achieve it, which means you are in a state of struggle with his fortune. Winning it what you want, you are in a state of psychological activity. While you are in this state, you will not break down or be intimidated.
  • One should not regret the past. If the past does not let you, and the mistakes made long ago, remind myself, try to get rid of these thoughts. Turn your attention to other objects, move on to something new and interesting. One of the rules of life is that it is better to regret about made, than about not made. Take the situation with dignity and move on.
  • Learn to take responsibility for their choices.
  • Do not collect grudges. Jealousy and hatred make a very negative impact on life and health. You need to be able to forgive the mistakes of others, then you will save yourself from the emotional void.

the secrets of happiness

It’s the little secrets that help each person be a little happier.

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