What happens if you scan a mirror?

Modern scientific and technological process marches forward by leaps and bounds, almost every day there is something new in the field of science, medicine, technology and other industries. We do not have time to master these knowledge, do not always have the opportunity to meet with new devices and study them in practice. However, our head is often visited by a strange idea associated with technology, but are unrelated to its intended purpose. We ask unconventional questions about the gadgets and one such issue is «What happens if you scan a mirror.»

what will happen if you scan a mirror

However, the question is quite interesting, because it generates different variations of answers. But before we make finding the right answer, you need to understand what is scanner and how it works.

What is scanner and why is it needed?

Scanner – a device that allows you to convert printed objects in digital form. So, the scanner can digitize any document, photograph, book, or of several joined elements. Scanning device allows you to do both black-and-white and color copies of the scan object.

scanner zerkala

How this device works? The most common type of scanners are the flatbed. It works this way: the scanned document placed on the transparent glass of the scanner and closed the lid. After clicking start, the glass is sent many light rays. Otshuchivayas from the image on the document, they pass through a mirror system are recognized and converted into a digital copy. The main element of the scanner performs a matrix which captures and recognizes the image.

Interesting thoughts

If all documents are clear, back to the question which interested us. What happens if you scan a mirror? Those who are afraid to experiment, put forward many different ideas.

scanner zerkala photo

  • Since the mirror is a subject in which other things, it can be assumed that the scanned object will display the innards of the scanner.
  • From bright light the scanning lamp will make a flash that is reflected from the mirror and are transported to the image.
  • Some suggest that the scanner will not cope with the task and just breaks readout mechanism.
  • It has long been thought that the mirror is a conductor in the other world, it retains the imprint of everyone who looked at it. People with imagination and believe in the paranormal, I can assume that in the picture you will see images of people who last looked in this mirror.
  • Young physicists believe that the output will be a blank slate. Their hypothesis, they reinforce the fact that when you scan the world otticials from the mirror falls on the sensing matrix, and is recognized as white.

To give the correct answer to the question, you need to decide to spend experience with a scanner and a mirror.

How to experiment «What happens if you scan a mirror?»

how to scan a mirror

So, for the experiment and satisfy his curiosity you need to:

  • To find a good scanner, MFP.
  • Find mirror without frame and in small size, preferably with a sheet of landscape to cover.
  • Carefully put the mirror reflecting inward and lower the scanner cover.
  • Click the «Start» button and admire the result.

Digitized copy of the image of the mirror can be immediately transferred to a paper carrier, in other words to print. What do we see? Before us on a sheet of paper – the black rectangle with small veins, it scratches on the protective layer of the mirror. How did this happen?

Thanks to the principle of operation of the scanner managed to find out that along the field that hosts the mirror, moving the carriage with the bright light. Everything that falls under the beams of light you can capture, recognize and transfer to the paper or on the computer. So as a mirror reflects rays, it turns a lot of bright spots and the image is lighted.

process of creation of scan zerkala

If you are still in doubt in the final result, perform an experiment independently, without fearing for their equipment.

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