What gratuti?

In order to understand gratute, and where it came from, you need to understand that this meme. Wikipedia defines it as «a unit of cultural information», but if you tell anyone, he definitely does not understand.

What is a meme?

what is a meme

Memes in the usual sense of the word originated on the Internet recently, but they stubbornly continue to spread across the network, and their popularity does not even think to fall. Under the you know meme pictures on the Internet that bears some thought (or just a funny picture). Due to the fact that the idea inherent in each specific meme, applicable to a large number of people, it resonates and spreads rapidly.

Most of the memes have the same kind of structure that gave the opportunity even to create templates and websites for their generation. Usually look these images are as follows:

  • some picture, which clearly reflects a certain emotion, situation or just something funny;
  • the standard format depends on the original image, but usually is about 800×600;
  • the top and bottom, make the signature. Usually use the fonts Impact or Compact, the letters should be white with a black outline.

the meme about babus

What gratuti?

what gratuti

So, «gratuti» is a meme, recently found a strong popularity. It does not carry any meaning, and created photo boards, which, because of the peculiarities of wood structure, resembling a dog’s face. The dog would greet those who sees it, but due to some curvature of the muzzle can not pronounce the word «Hello». And so it turned out «of gratuty».

History of gratuty

TV show the town

In fact, that the mutilated word was originated long ago. One of the characters of the program «Gorodok» could not properly pronounce some words, so he sang something like «of gratuty» and «dosvidanya».

«Town» was broadcast for many years. Appearing in 1993, it was officially closed relatively recently, only in 2012. This decision was due to a tragic event – the death of Ilya Oleinikov, without which there could be «small Town».

In all there were over four hundred editions of the program. However, over time, features in the speech of characters forgotten, and the meme of «gratuiti» was seen as something relatively novel. However, this is nothing surprising. All new – well forgotten old.

The use of meme

spread the meme

On the basis of one photo with the Board quickly was created a huge number of other memes. The word «tatute» signed up different images, it became widely used in speech.

The photo of the so-called dog also began to use it to create something new. It was combined with other memes.

Gratuti today

the use of meme

So, now «tatute» — one of the iconic memes that spawned not only a series of images, but the trend in everyday communication. Perhaps it will remain a kind of a classic joke, and perhaps soon will be forgotten, as soon as a new interesting meme.

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