What eats a turtle at home. What to feed a turtle?

The turtle is one of the ancient creatures. It appeared about 250 million years ago. Today, there are several species of this reptile. A lot of people as a pet choose a turtle. After the new pet was in the apartment, in humans, the question arises, what eats a turtle. Many people mistakenly believe that turtle enough to give the cabbage leaf and it will be filled, but it is fundamentally wrong.

what eats turtle

Most reptiles need a balanced diet to maintain his vitality. Feeding habits depend on the species of tortoise: there are land and sea.

Feeding habits of tortoises

Tortoises are quite popular among Pets. This is mostly due to the fact that they are unpretentious in food or the environment. Basically, for a normal power turtles enough plant foods. They very quickly adapt to the environment. And significant advantage of the land form is a relatively inexpensive price.

food for turtles

Once in the house there was a land turtle, you need to develop the correct diet. In the menu of a pet can include a variety of vegetables and fruits. An important component will be dandelions and different greens. Very well in the food are berries, such as raspberries, strawberries and cherries. The fundamental rule of what to feed turtle is to add to the diet vitamins and minerals, including calcium. You can also add in your food earthworms are perfect snails. Food must be crushed, so he could easily swallow food. For convenience food should be laid out on a flat dish.

The diet of turtles is based on age. For example, young individuals should receive food every day, and it should be mostly vegetable. The main feature is that when it reaches a certain age, then feed the turtle the next day. Sure their menu should include meat, and give it once a week.

Products that do not give the turtle

Sometimes it happens that people do not think about it, what to feed turtles, so give them anything. Turtles eat only plant foods with the addition of meat components, they in no case do not give:

  • Fig.
  • Pasta.
  • Canned.
  • Food for cats and dogs.

Features power supply water turtles

The main feature of the nutrition of aquatic turtles is that they are carnivorous. In food such reptiles are all possible frogs, tadpoles, snails and insects. Importantly, what determines their diet is habitat. Food bog turtles are small fish, lizards, insects.

of food of water turtles

Turtles of North America feed on insect larvae and invertebrates. A unique feature of this species is that the younger the individual, the higher its appetite. In addition, they can consume their smaller relatives, and even small birds.

European turtles eat insects and algae. Not rare occasions when they eat terrestrial vegetation, such as fruits, berries and greens.

What eat turtles at home

What should be the diet of a pet turtle depends on its type. Do not feed the same food and land and water reptile. It is very important to choose the right menu for your pet.

First for land turtles important is the presence of greens in the diet, for example, well suited to this vegetation:

  • Salad.
  • The cabbage leaves.
  • Grass.
  • Parsley.
  • Dandelion.

The presence of fruits and berries should be mandatory in a daily diet suitable:

  • BlackBerry.
  • Strawberries.
  • Apples.
  • Pear.
  • Peaches.

For lunch if the turtle will watermelon or melon, then after eating, she needs to wipe her mouth with a wet swab.

leaves for tortoises

Indispensable in food will be the presence of vegetables, such as:

  • Chopped beet or carrot.
  • Fresh crushed cucumber.
  • Fresh chopped tomato.

With the return of the strength of the carapace varies considerably, so it is better to add special supplements.

It will be important to include in food animal food:

  • Boiled beef or chicken.
  • Hard-boiled egg.
  • Boiled fish.
  • Snail garden, but in any case, not a river.
  • Bloodworms and worms.

the power of turtles

To feed an adult turtle needs time in two days, young are fed daily. But it is necessary to observe small portions. If mixed to feed your pet, eventually it will lead to obesity. There were cases in veterinary practice that turtles couldn’t hide in a shell because of its volume.

Homemade water turtles must feed specialized feed. Good for this suit crustaceans, Daphnia, bloodworms and other aquatic feed. A good addition to the aquatic turtles is the earthworm.

If the pet is large, this power will not be enough. It will be important to complement your food boiled chicken meat or beef. Raw fish will like the turtles will need to be cut into thin strips. A must for large aquatic turtles is the presence in the diet of larvae and beetles.

After the turtle eats, you should immediately remove uneaten food from the aquarium, as it may deteriorate. The amount of food can be controlled via the temperature of the water in the tank: if the water is at room temperature, the turtle need to be fed once a day. If the water is warmer, then twice a day.

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