What dreams of gold? What does it mean if you dream of gold?

Quite often people in my dreams I see such a desire of all precious metal, like gold. What does it mean? This interesting question certainly arises in the minds of those who used to trust my own dream, to see in them a hidden meaning that tells the events of the near future. So, what you dream of gold?

what dreams gold

The people believed that precious metal portends a pleasant man, who dreamed the. In fact, there are so many different interpretations that depend on the form in which it was presented gold. To understand exactly what means if you dream about gold, it is necessary to understand in details with each individual case.

If I were gold

This dream may indicate that in the near future will make a decisive step forward. And he will lead him to a long-awaited honors and a considerable amount of money. During the discussion on the dream details, it is recommended to remember the feelings I had when finding gold. If people feel a real joy, the coming changes will lead to the best. Perhaps he expects a reward, which could not manage to get.

If at that moment there was a feeling of frustration or anxiety, nothing good can be expected. Most likely obtained in reality, the award does not allow a person to feel their importance. Also honors can be unfair and undeserved.

gold in a dream

Now you need to remember what was precious metal. If it was shiny, free of dirt, then it is time to begin to expect surprises. Dull gold indicates the receipt of bad news that could be very frustrating and even disappointing. The worst thing is that all this happens with things and events that had been hoped for.

If found gold suddenly lost, you will have to prepare for the omission of the long-awaited opportunity, which was given by fate itself. This happens due to negligence, carelessness or malpractice.

If in a dream the stolen gold

In a dream you can see the events related to the gold theft. This means that soon the dreamer will be able to soberly realize his position in society. There is a possibility of being out of place. Someone else should take the job or be the owner of particular goods and capabilities. Because of this, it can often feel a sense of discomfort, but not to understand its cause. Sleep will become for him an important hint, which certainly should be heeded. It is urgent to change something in your life to bring harmony and peace.

dream jewels

Stolen in the dream, gold is a serious warning. This sign may be a harbinger of unpleasant surprise. Perhaps the dreamer has found his place in life, but he did not manage to be realised till the end. So you should think about changing careers or Hobbies. Such a dream often pushes for change in their own beliefs and views on certain things.

If you had a whole bunch of gold

Everyone wants to find a whole bunch of gold, which you can dispose of at their discretion, but, unfortunately, this situation occurs only in dreams.

Such dreams say about the imminent discovery that will improve the life of the dreamer. Perhaps he will be able to find the right solutions to the tasks or to find a way to get rid of disturbing problem. In a word, seen in a dream a pile of precious metal indicates the deprivation of many of the difficulties that have long haunted. If in the dream was present pride and joy, the expected gift of fate really will benefit. But the depressed mood and sadness indicate quite the opposite result. And even if at first everything will seem pleasant and joyful, then eventually replaced it will be a complete disappointment from life’s changes. There is a desire to go back in time and never to deal with these changes.

gold jewelry

The value of gold jewelry in dreams

In dreams people can see the rings and chains made of precious metal. Most interesting is that each form of jewelry has its own value. For example, gold rings close portend marriage to the dreamer. If the decoration has been lost, you should expect a nasty separation. Possible relationship with a loved one will end. A harbinger of a new Dating is to buy a ring in a dream. It also indicates the start of a serious relationship. If the person who sees the dream, accept jewelry as a gift, but does not know whether to take it, then, about the wedding in the near future you can not even think. For such fundamental changes has not yet come the right time. But the ring does not fit, indicates that the dreamer chose the wrong life partner.

Another value is seen in a dream a gold chain. It portends a happy event, if the decoration of the dreamer had in mind. But ugly product says that he decided to put on their own shoulders too many commitments, which will not be able to cope. Yes, and people are unlikely to appreciate applied to this case efforts.

why dream of gold

The longer the chain of gold, the more important event will happen in the near future. Decoration with broken links marks the end of one of the stages upon which the present life of man. Usually in such cases, mean a loss of previous feelings and sympathies for the other half, or friend. Broken links can also point to the rapid fulfillment of a wish associated with any particular event.

Broken links that remain connected to each other foretell a life filled with many different events. They can be happy and sad. If a person is trying in her sleep to fasten the chain links with the help of improvised means, in reality, he will be able to look for ways to save a complicated relationship, which for him are of great importance.

To dream of gold bars

Not as often as gold jewelry, but you can still see in dreams, ingots of precious metal. They point out that dreams is waiting for long trip or the receipt of a letter, which he have long been waiting for. Bars are also the harbingers of their careers.

a lot of gold in a dream

If in a dream a gold nugget was found, then in reality people will have to exert much effort to get the desired wealth. The best part is that the work will really be appreciated and it will have its own reward. So the dream is good. A difficult thing to trust, who sees in a dream a gold mine. It indicates the acquisition of a new friend, whom it is possible to rely a difficult minute.

By and large, dreams of gold are positive. Because they are long-awaited harbingers of the events that can turn lives for the better. However, only rely on them not worth it. To really become a successful person, you need to work hard and dreaming only led to achieve the desired goals.

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