What dream ex-boyfriend?

Dreams are our conversation with the subconscious. Sometimes dreams are very vivid. Sometimes a girl dream ex-lovers. These dreams raise many questions. Girls want to know what dream ex-boyfriend.

Often, such a dream suggests that the separation happened by chance, and can still return. In this case, the girl often thinks about ex-boyfriend during the day and at night continues to remember him through dreams. You need to sort yourself out and decide what he wants your heart.

But there are situations when breaking up with someone happened a long time ago, the dust had settled. But suddenly ex-boyfriend starts to come in dream girls. What can it mean?


The classic interpretation

  1. The most common interpretation of dreams about a former beloved said that the man still hasn’t forgotten about you. You are in his heart, so the connection is not lost
  2. Another transcript of the dream suggests that you still love this man. Perhaps the day you saw something that reminds me of him. For example, the same car as the ex-boyfriend. You don’t remember this moment, but the subconscious mind recorded everything, and at night gave a similar dream
  3. Sometimes it’s a dream-tip. He will tell you that you are hiding from yourself. Perhaps, the current relationship has stalled, but you don’t want to admit it to myself. Your brain knows that everything is going to the final, as in the case with an ex-boyfriend. So this dream has visited you in the night.
  4. If you kiss in the dream, the former a young man, then you compare it to the current husband. You do not have enough tenderness and romance
  5. If you saw the former, but were unable to learn, you will soon meet
  6. You see an ex-boyfriend with his girlfriend? Soon you will find happiness. This dream shows that the page life is upside down, everything goes on as usual, and you will find a new man. Who knows, maybe it will become your destiny? Not Mosquite by an ex-boyfriend who came in my dream. After all, you don’t miss them, and since that time when you were together. Go ahead and remember that all is always done to the best


Dream symbol images

  1. Often such a dream tells about your grievances. Ex-boyfriend hurt you and the wound has not yet healed. So he comes to you at night. Forgive him and move on
  2. If the initiator of the breakup was you, and a guy comes in your sleep, so you feel guilty. Your conscience can not sleep. Be sure to meet with a young man, arrange all points and commas. Explain to beloved that the relationship came to an end, and one is not at fault. If you do it right, ex-boyfriend will get out of your night dreams A guy and a girl


We all know that sometimes people can have prophetic dreams. They help us to change fate and avoid trouble. Most importantly, remember this dream and correctly to decode it:

  1. If you dream you saw the former young man lifeless, it is a warning of danger. Remember the details and wait for the signs that can come to you throughout the day.
  2. If you saw the time of death ex-boyfriend, it was just a dream. First, it can be prophetic, but this happens very rarely. Most likely, the young man waits a disease or accident
  3. You dream that you kill an ex-boyfriend? Do not be alarmed. It is a good dream. It symbolizes parting with the past. Are you ready for a new life, and boldly go their own way The way

Dreams of a former lover visit most often women who lack tenderness and love. Take a look at their current partner, it may not be the man you need. And the dreams about the ex is just your intuition that wakes up at night.

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