What does protein in the urine, what is this disease?

In this article we will talk about what it means protein in the urine. In medicine this phenomenon is called proteinuria. It is such a disease, where in human urine detected protein molecules. During normal operation, the excretory system, no protein in the urine should not be.

What is this disease?

Protein cells are a kind of building materials which take part in the formation of human cells. These cells are present throughout the body: teeth, bones, muscles, organs, hair, etc. the Main function of protein in the human body is involved in the process of homeostasis. According to the severity of the disease distinguish 4 phases of its development: from mild to very severe. The detection of proteinuria at early stage helps to get rid of it in a relatively short time. If you start the treatment process at a late stage of the disease, it may be delayed. However, in the first and second phase of the disease very difficult to diagnose because the symptoms in this case is almost not felt.

Protein in the urine

Some women in the urine can be detected protein. This may be the norm, and a serious anomaly. All very individually. Now consider the main symptoms of this ailment.

The symptoms of the disease

  • The first and most obvious signs of proteinuria is the change in the normal color of urine. If in urine there is a lot of protein – it will become more white, almost transparent. If it contains a greater number of red blood cells – urine will become reddish.
  • Regular bone pain. These pains occur suddenly due to the fact that of the body together with urine out a large amount of protein.
  • Anemia, fatigue.
  • Frequent dizziness.
  • Nephropathy – a disease in which the extremities and in the extremities fingers are deposited protein molecules. This may cause their numbness.
  • Increased drowsiness, poor coordination.
  • In the presence of inflammation – chills the whole body.
  • A feeling of nausea, possible vomiting.
  • Loss of appetite, etc.

The symptoms of protein in the urine

Now let’s talk about the reasons for the appearance in the urine protein.

Causes of proteinuria

These reasons can be allocate a lot. They can be caused by both minor ailments and serious diseases. Most often, protein cells appear in the urine as a result of some disease, but rather, as it is a side effect or symptom. Below, we present the following causes of proteinuria, which often can cause it. Consequently, the disease occurs in consequence of:

  • Disease of the connective tissue. For example, the glomerulonephritis.
  • Prolonged multiple myeloma.
  • Long-term hypertension.
  • Diabetes.
  • Inflammation of kidney or renal diseases.
  • The appearance of the kidney malignant tumors.
  • Long-term chemotherapy.
  • Mechanical injuries of the kidneys.
  • Of severe burns.
  • To severe hypothermia.
  • Toxic poisoning etc.

To diagnose the presence of cells in urine protein, you must submit to medical laboratory urinalysis.

how does protein in urine

The question is: what should I do to recover from this disease? First, you need to be treated only by a qualified doctor, to prescribe a drug not in any case. Remember that to self-medicate when serious illness is impossible. However, there are a few General tips to follow which can all people who are faced with this problem, as protein in the urine. Below we will explain in detail all recommendations for home treatment of proteinuria.

What should be the diet in this disease?

Probably many people have heard that all treatment starts with diet. It is really so. And treatment of proteinuria is not an exception. If you are faced with this disease, you must change your diet. Stick to these recommendations:

  • Discard the salt. If you find this too difficult, then at least limit its amount. If this is not done, the body begins to accumulate fluid and blood pressure will rise. This situation contributes to the formation in the urine more protein cells. So, you have to eat only the food, the salt level. The daily intake of salt should not exceed 3 g, and it is better to not exceed 1.5 grams.
  • Limit your intake of protein foods. Apparently, the recommendation is banal and obvious, but some people during this disease continue to eat foods with high protein content, which does not contribute its full exit from urine. The main products, the use of which should either reduce or completely abandon them are eggs, dairy products and meat animals. However, the human body needs protein, so doctors do not recommend completely abandon protein foods, because man needs power and energy. Preference should be given to proteins that are of vegetable origin. At least once a day you should eat beans, or nuts.
  • Refrain from foods that contain phosphorus. We are talking about products such as pumpkin, soybeans, fish, cheese, zucchini etc.
  • Refrain from foods containing potassium. Or, again, limit their use. The fact that such products do not contribute to the excretion of harmful substances from the human body. This products such as dried fruits, chips, bananas, spinach, etc.

how to determine protein in the urine

That promotes the excretion of protein cells?

Remember that one of the main tips that must be followed in the presence of protein in the urine is a rejection of self. Also in the home to help minimize protein urine can such drinks:

  • Cranberry juice.
  • Infusion of parsley.
  • A decoction of birch buds.
  • The infusion of fir bark, etc.

zhuravliniy Morse

All this you can make at home. Of course, ideally, you should consult with your doctor before drinking any of these beverages. Thus, we understand that means protein in the urine.

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