What do you mean friendship? The definition of what friendship is

Almost every person on Earth has friends. But not everyone thought about what friendship is. And in vain, because real, strong friendships can be found not often. You need to be able to be a friend. Only then rely on the friendly assistance and support.

what do you mean friendship

In elementary school children try to answer the question and give a definition of «What is friendship?». All children agree that friendships are very important, without them, most kids don’t see the point in going to school.

Friendship can be called the close interpersonal relationships that arise in the course of a long interaction. Any friendship based on mutual affection. Friends enjoy spending time together, they certainly have common interests in many things they agree opinions and assessments. No wonder people say that friends are soul mates.

The rules of friendship

  • Spending time

Friends must spend time together. Sometimes, of course, and so that people live in different countries and maintain friendly relations at a distance. But in most cases, friends have joint leisure. After all, if people enjoy spending time together, chances are they will become friends.

friendship with childhood

  • Mutual assistance

No wonder they say that a true friend is known in trouble. It is impossible to imagine a friendship in which each can ignore the other, in case of trouble or trouble.

  • Mutual respect

A very important quality of friendship. Without respect, there will only be rivalry and competition. Friends are respectful of the views of each other. With dignity and pride ready to introduce each other to relatives and friends.

  • Trust. «Trust, but verify!» — it’s not about friendships. The person who thinks your other friend is willing to sincerely share their experiences, excitement. He is not afraid that it will put a laugh, because he trusts this man, his friend.

Friends share their deepest secrets, and minor details. It is a communication of friends.

male friendship

  • Hospitality. The ability to let another into their world, their space is also a very important quality of friendship.

In all friends have their own system of values and value orientations. The so-called «insiders». Insider is developed in the process of interpersonal interaction the meaning of something. Many getting into the company of friends, heard them discuss absolutely incomprehensible to others things, laugh at them, give them value. This is their insides. Friends don’t need to devote to these other people, because as soon as the insides will become public and clear to all, they lose their «sacredness».

What should be a real friendship?

Friendship, as any feeling, has its own distinctive features. True friendship should be:

  • Selfless.
  • Not selective in sex and age.
  • Should be based on personal attachment.
  • Should not have sexual overtones.
  • Should be based on the needs of communication with each other.

One old law is a rule that friends can’t be too much. If a person believes his friends more than three people, it is likely that some of them are his friends or comrades. And friendly relations, it is, nevertheless, not friendship.

a strong friendship

Of course, we do not choose friends, even though we think that it is not. Looks like some things people do find each other, gradually drawing closer. We become closer with loved ones in spirit people subconsciously without having to do much effort.

The laws of true friendship

No matter in what country and at what time live friends. There are a number of laws on which to build any friendships:

  • Faith in friendship. Friends don’t need to prove to each other that they really are friends. The beauty of such a relationship that they understand this is so.
  • The willingness to help. Nobody can imagine a friend who refuses second in difficult times. This is due to the positive qualities that a man can have. Back in the old children’s song we’ve all heard and hummed the line about being a friend in trouble will not leave.
  • Sacrifice in the name of friendship. The essence of the law that personal interests and needs are sidelined. And priority is given to the public interest. Any person who understands what it means friendship, will always be ready to sacrifice.

Therefore, to establish strong, lasting and trusting friendships need commitment both friends. To be a friend means to make efforts to ensure that at any time to provide support. Therefore, at any time and anywhere you need to be mindful of our friends, never to deny them assistance. If you have found a true friend, never forget to stay yourself, because «one» sounds good.

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