What do you mean CDA

Active Internet users are often confronted with the acronym CDA. Also with this concept are familiar to fans of computer games. What does the CDA as it stands?

The value of CDA

Often this abbreviation is used in the phrases «rolls CDA», «CDA exaggerated» and «increased CDA». What is meant by the user, in using these words?

CDA is a sense of self-importance. Another deciphering abbreviations – the feeling of grandeur.

People with inflated CDA believes that he is well versed in all things much better than other people. He has a personal point of view on all events and thinks that only she is correct.


Such a person has a high opinion of his judgment. He does not listen to the opinions of others, ignoring or ridiculing their words. He considers himself the most important and most important.

The history of CDA abbreviation

The founder of this abbreviation is considered to be the writer Carlos Castaneda. He developed the concept of CDA and used it in many of his works.

Castaneda, a negative attitude towards greatness and egoism, he wrote, how to overcome your ego, to see all the colors of the world. Getting rid of the CDA releases a lot of energy and gives the person limitless power. This is not easy, because the identity usually filled with a CDA of 90%.


Don Juan alter ego of Carlos Castaneda, teaches the reader to stop putting the individual at the heart and calls us to «take the crown». He compares man with a beetle, which probably also has a large CDA and sees the world through the prism of personality. This makes it difficult to explore the world, enjoy the harmony of the universe and to experience the joy of being.

Signs CDA

In order to understand CDA what it is, you should allocate a number of features that are characteristic of the personality of this type:

  1. Narcissism and self-centeredness
  2. Self-praise of their talents
  3. Demonstrate superiority over others

The concept of CDA has become a popular Internet meme. This meme characterizes the people who review or interview emphasize their own importance and to continually make reference to the importance of his person. Such people are arrogant, they are utterly false, and communication with such individuals brings little joy.


The origins of CDA

From the point of view of psychology, people overestimate CzW has a lot of complexes. He hides his fear and insecurity with selfishness. People so carefully hides the complexes that he does not know about their existence.

Well as personality with a CDA intuitively alienate other people because they are afraid of communication. They hide their identity for loud speeches and false praise to myself. People with high CDA subtly feel their inferiority and inadequacy. They are afraid of change, and therefore forced to pass through its personality all the events and give them an accurate description.


Good work with the psychologist will help to identify the cause of this behavior. CDA what is it? This trauma often lies in childhood. Resentment and tears made the little man to put on the armor of the CDA. To become a harmonious personality, should be free from it.

How to get rid of CDA

To stop to put their personality above other people, we should remember the aphorism: «Be simpler and people will be attracted to you».

  • Learn to laugh at yourself. Joking over their own actions. Criticize yourself. And better to do it in front of other people. Don’t be afraid to seem ridiculous or stupid.
  • Try to raise the level of awareness of life. Don’t criticize the changes, don’t hide from the inevitable. Look at the events from the bird’s eye view and marvel at how everything that happens beautifully and harmoniously.
  • Do not forget about spiritual growth. Find the list of books that have a beneficial effect on the person. Start with the classics, try to find answers to their questions in the masterpieces of world literature. Add to your library of books on spiritual growth and development.

Spiritual growth

People with inflated CDA is selfish, not able to take a sober look at things.

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