What do the colors of the Russian flag?

The Russian tricolor is the national symbol of the country since the time of Peter the great. It shows white, blue and red stripe, but what do the colors of the Russian flag?

Different interpretations

Every citizen, from small to large, I wonder what meaning inherent in the symbolism of the Russian flag.

There are different interpretations of the symbols on the flag of our country. A unified concept does not exist.

  1. In heraldry, the color red is called «cervini», white is «silver» and blue is «azure»
  2. The ancient interpretation, rooted in the days of Ancient Russia says that the color white is purity and noble thoughts, the blue – loyalty and no lies, and red – courage, bravery and ability to love
  3. Pre-revolutionary interpretation of the tricolor is that white is credited with the symbol of freedom, the blue bar is the virgin, and red is a great power
  4. Colored stripes are also correlated with regions of the Russian Empire. White is White Russia (Belarus), Blue – little Russia (Ukraine), and red Great Russia (Russia)
  5. From the point of view of Orthodoxy, a flag means the Trinity Church. White is faith, blue – the power of the king, and the red is Russian people. Also white is the peace of God, which gives people faith, blue heavens and the angels and the red world of men, their desires, worries and problems
  6. From the point of view of the ancient Slavs, these three colors clearly show us the structure of the universe. The bottom strip is red, it is associated with material, earthly world. Blue stripe – the sky, and the white part of the flag indicates the connection with God
  7. Another interpretation says that the white stripe is the innocence of the Russian people, blue river, sea and lake, and the red color is the blood of the patriots of the state
  8. Each color corresponds to a separate planet. So, red is associated with Mars, blue for Jupiter, and blue Month

All these interpretations of the tricolor agree that white color is the honesty and good intentions, blue – sky reliability, and red is bravery and love.

The ensign of the Russian Federation

History of the flag

Peter personally drew a sketch of the flag and drew in the location of colored bands. The Emperor explained that the white color corresponds honesty, and nobility, blue – patriotism and loyalty, and red is the personification of courage.

By this time the Russian flag included yellow, black and white colors. It should be noted that under Peter the great the classic tricolor, which we know was only used in trade. He was raised in marine and river vessels that have engaged in travel to other countries for the purpose of sale and purchase. Robbers who hunted looting and seizures of ships, from a distance saw the flag and knew that on the Russian ship attack is not worth it. It’s not just the flag and the lighthouse, which is visible through a telescope from another boat. The ships bright the flag represented the state.


The flag became an official attribute of the state only in 1896, it is the merit of Nikolay the Second.

In the 20th century, in the times of the USSR, the tricolor was replaced by a bright red banner with the hammer and sickle. It happened in 1917. All new flag talked about the fact that it is soaked with the blood of the Russian people.

In 1991, the government adopted a decree, which stated that the country needs to get back to basics, replacing the Communist flag on the pre-revolutionary tricolor. Boris Yeltsin approved the tri-color symbol, August 22, entered the history of Russia as the state flag day.

22 Aug

Tricolor installed on the roof of the building of the presidential administration of the country. This is an important attribute that can be used during meetings with the government of other countries, and also during the national holidays, introducing Russian Federation.

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