What characterizes the temperature?

The word «temperature» is known to all from childhood. About it always say, when of the disease, when the thermometer shows more than 36 and 6. It would seem that everyone is absolutely clear what temperature. In this issue there are no complications. However, you can see it from the other side. For example, to say that characterizes the temperature is much more difficult.

what characterizes the temperature


From the point of view of physics, it is a value which characterizes the thermodynamic system. The temperature is expressed by the heating of a body. Although almost all organisms are capable of using their senses to understand whether an object is hot or cold, their perception is totally inaccurate. For this reason, with time and created instruments for measuring this quantity, i.e., thermometers.

Interestingly, all known in Fahrenheit and Celsius allow you to learn not just the temperature and the empirical temperature. The point is that this method of measurement has two points, between which there is a certain number of divisions.

There is another way to calculate the temperature by Kelvin. In this case, the point is only one, and thanks to her know the absolute temperature.


What characterizes the temperature?

Various Sciences, or rather, different physics, different say on this magnitude, and that characterizes the temperature. For example, according to the kinetic molecular theory, temperature is the value which is proportional to the average kinetic energy of the particles. It determines how it will distribute the shares of energy levels, the speed and degree of ionization. The temperature will change the density and volume of radiation.

There are a few different definition. According to him, the temperature characterizes the equilibrium, which is the thermal state of any system.


Human body temperature

The temperature is important for the state and sometimes shapes, of numerous objects, including the human body. If you do not present any special factors, this value is stable and is 36,6 Celsius. If the body has got something foreign, like bacteria or poisons, temperature center of the brain receives information that a few degrees less. For this reason, the temperature starts to rise, the man has a fever.

Sometimes the temperature can go down. Typically, these changes are associated with problems with the immune system, a deficiency or weakness. Sometimes low indicator may be a signal of pregnancy. It is understood that there are people for whom low temperature is absolutely normal – it is their genetic trait. However, even if the health is excellent, with low rates still need to go to the doctor.

the temperature of the person

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