What can you make out of paper?

Today we often hear the phrase «today’s children have no surprise,» «what we once were glad of any toy,» «I’d played in it, and he was already tired of» and so on in the same spirit. Accusations against children, break and so quickly forget expensive store-bought gifts, not always justified, because it is adult only for a few minutes to join the game as the child is fully involved and ready to leave it for hours. According to psychologists, the usual handmade toys can be for the baby much more interesting than purchased, especially if their construction was attended by his parents. And it is not necessary to puzzle over what can be made of paper or any other discarded materials, just need to be creative and to read the following recommendations.

What can you make out of paper

From simple to complex

The most simple version of the DIY – snowflake, which is sufficient to add four times the sheet of paper and make cuts in the middle and in different places. The smaller and intricate patterns, the better you get the result that you can decorate Windows and rooms for the New year, as well as to make a full panel.

Snowflakes out of paper

Garland of colored paper – a win-win alternative that many have been taught to do in childhood before the school holidays. You need to cut strips of colored paper and glue them from the ring. Upon accession, they will slide one into the other.

Garland of colored paper

Wonderful tree obtained from the multiple sheets of paper of green color, on which the compass need to draw as many circles of different sizes. Then these circles should be cut out, folded four times and put on a wooden base (thin pencil or smooth stick).

Things from paper

Applique is one of the most popular types of paper products and to ensure that is not difficult, with the children he lures in quite a long time. Under application means the construction of images from pre-prepared blanks cut from colored paper. Do or adult (if the child is still small), or the children themselves if they are already well-wielded pair of scissors). These blanks are glued to a sheet of paper or cardboard, reminding the Assembly process of the designer.

Things from paper

There are several types of applications that need to be introduced gradually, with the development of the baby:

  • ribbon applique;
  • breakage applique;
  • modular applique or mosaic;
  • silhouette applique;
  • invoice application;
  • symmetric applications.


Origami modules

Origami is an art that has spread around the world from the Japanese monks of the VII century, which opened the secret of making paper. Origami involves the folding of various figures from paper without using scissors, glue, rulers, and any other assistive devices. At first this art was fond of the only people of the upper class used it during their rituals or for decoration of shrines. But today, anyone can on this technique to build something unique, and it’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Enough to accurately follow the instructions, and then you will see a real lion or machine captivate any child’s attention. One of the advantages of teaching children origami can be called development of fine motor skills, imagination, ability to focus and train your spatial imagination.


Quilling is a relatively new direction in crafts, quickly won the hearts of millions of people who love to create masterpieces with their hands. Quilling, or as it is called «quilling», more suitable for older children, but for fun they can do and younger. Its main idea is to create a variety of patterns made of thin paper tape wound on the needle, and then flowing to the desired size and shape.


To engage in these kind of products will need items such as special paper, needle, scissors, glue. No less important accuracy and diligence, otherwise the work will turn out messy and unkempt. With a needle, the paper is screwed, and then her hand is shaped in the form of spirals, leaves, triangles, etc. a Huge advantage of quilling – the brightness of the products obtained, because the colors you can pick according to your taste and according to their own imagination.

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