What can I eat for poisoning

Proper nutrition while poisoning is the key to quick treatment and recovery. At this time, must be light diet, which will help to reduce the burden on the digestive tract, causing the digestive system to the desired state. Many wonder what can be eaten for poisoning, but no one thinks about what should be drinking plenty of fluids, which is also included in the composition of the diet at the time of poisoning.

that is, when the poisoning

If the daily use of large amounts of water, then you can accelerate the process of removing harmful substances and toxins that have accumulated at the time of poisoning.

Food for poisoning

During poisoning in the first few days the patient may experience lack of appetite, but we must remember that eating is still needed. If the poisoning is really strong, when a sufficient level of drinking behavior can be 1-2 days without eating, but drinking regime should be 2-3 liters of water.

If at the time a poisoning occurs vomiting, you should drink water in small portions, but very often. This will enable to avoid dehydration and maintain the body’s required amount of liquid.

On the second day, when there will be a restoration of appetite, you can gradually move to full and proper nutrition. Since at this time there is a weakened condition of the digestive system, the diet should be separate. That is, proteins, fats and carbohydrates cannot be combined in one meal. The interval between eating must be done no longer than two hours.

Products for food

  • On the first day of poisoning it is best to limit food intake, only tea without sugar, rusks and drying.
  • On the second day you can go to liquid mess, they should be prepared with water and without oil.
  • On the third day, already gradually included white meat, lean fish, boiled chicken for a couple.
  • The fourth day involves adding to the diet fruit but mostly bananas. Also in good health allowable consumption of dairy products such as low-fat cheese, unsweetened yogurt, milk porridge, soups.
  • At the end of the second week you can gradually introduce in the diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, juices.

food for poisoning

As a rule, if you use strict diet and to avoid overloading of the stomach, in two weeks you can get rid of toxins that have caused poisoning.

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