What can be eaten nursing mom

As soon as the family has a child, immediately raises a lot of questions about what food should be for young moms, so it does not hurt the baby. Question: «What can I eat a breast-feeding mother» — has always been important because a balanced and proper nutrition should come first during breastfeeding. It is through mother’s milk in a kid’s body comes a lot of nutrients that contribute to its growth, proper development and functioning of all organs and systems. Even after birth a baby the first time is closely associated with the parent body, this we should always remember.

what can be eaten nursing mom

For the baby there is nothing healthier and tastier than mother’s milk. As you know, the milk a mother can disappear of certain reasons, therefore it is all the time to follow the diet and lifestyle that directly affect this process. Some moms, breastfeeding unnecessarily pedantic, they refuse literally all of the products that they produce distrust.

Actually this is a big mistake, because even in the, at first glance, unpleasant products may contain nutrients for the baby. That is why you should definitely familiarize yourself with all the features of the power supply at the time of breast skamlova, and abide by them.

the diet of a young mother

It is worth noting that some mothers immediately after birth begin to use familiar products, from time to time, including in the diet of canned food, fried food, favorite citrus, and all allergic reaction to baby sidestep. The food is all individually, so it is difficult to say what foods can cause allergies in your baby. You must constantly observe his reaction, try to gradually introduce in the diet of certain foods, enriching it with a variety of vitamins and trace elements.

Diet during feeding

Immediately after birth, every mother wants to hug your baby and to protect him from the world. The first month of life is one of the most severe, because at this time it begins to gradually adapt to the new conditions, takes into account the environment and gets used to the birth parents. At this time, be sure to exclude from the diet products that in any way can hurt the baby, among them we note:

  • All varieties of alcohol.
  • The chocolate and coffee.
  • Orange and red fruits.
  • Cabbage.
  • Spicy and salty dishes.
  • Sodas.

Great attention should be paid to the allergens that literally ruin a small child’s body, getting into it with breast milk. For this young mother should exclude cow’s milk, carrots, eggs, sausages, all seafood, cakes, citrus.

diet during feeding

In the first weeks after the baby is born, doctors recommend eating plain water, at least two liters. With water restored all the metabolic processes and removes toxins and wastes. At the end of the first month you can gradually switch to herbal drinks, diluting your water intake.

Very important place is chicken broth because it has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and also promotes healthy growth of the baby. In order not to cause the child colic and pain in the tummy, you should avoid eating rice dishes.

The first months of the feeding, the doctors suggest to refrain from the use of potato dishes and the cabbage, because they long absorbed by the body and is quite harmful for the baby. Already on the third month of feeding can be included in food fish and beef, but it must be steamed. Several times a week, in the daily diet may be present nuts, black bread and cheese. Later experts have allow you to eat green fruit, eggs and berries.

The approximate diet of lactating moms

For every mother there is individual diet that he is alone, watching the reaction of the baby. But there is a sample diet that does not contain in its composition nothing harmful and contraindicated for the baby. The first months after birth, the baby is allowed to eat the following products:

  • Boiled chicken meat.
  • Lean fish.
  • Dairy products 2.5%
  • Buckwheat porridge.
  • Tea.
  • Non-carbonated drinks, water.
  • Dry biscuits or Meringues.
  • Branny bread.
  • Compotes.
  • 1-2 pieces of eggs per week.
  • Low-fat cottage cheese and cheese.

feeding lactating mothers

All this will help to saturate your body with all useful and necessary components that will not cause the child allergic reactions. Your baby is sure to get the set of all vitamins, micro and macro elements that contribute to proper growth and development.

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