What better influvak or Vaxigrip?

The flu is an unpleasant illness during colds every year faces a lot of people. Few people know, but as from serious pathologies, this disease can be vaccinated. In Russian-speaking countries, injections are used for two main drug, so many people wonder which is better influvak or Vaxigrip.

Most people are capable of independently and without problems to endure such a disease. However, there are risk groups for which who recommends vaccination. Among them:

  • Elderly;
  • Individuals who suffer from chronic pathologies of the respiratory tract;
  • Children and adolescents aged six to fifteen years;
  • Pregnant women in late second or early third trimester;

If a person has a physical illness, colds cause negative consequences, they, too, should think about vaccination. Finally, vaccinations put all students of secondary special institutions, all staff of Universities and members of military units.

what better influvak or vaxigrip

The description of the drug influvak

In order to decide what is best influvak or Vaxigrip, you need to know key information about each of these vaccines. The first comes in the form of a suspension, which is injected under the skin or into muscle tissue. The drug is sold in separate syringes, which are easily disposed of after use.

The main aspect of consideration of any vaccine is, of course, its composition. In the case of Influvak he following:

  • Hemagglutinin and enzyme strains A(H3N2) And(H1N1) and B.
  • As additional components of water is present, sodium phosphate dihydrate, magnesium chloride, potassium and some other substances.

This drug should be used once a year, in the autumn. Its dosage varies depending on the age of the person. If the child is older than six months, but he had not yet turned three years, he owns a 0.25 ml of the vaccine.

Further, to fourteen years and adults who need vaccination, administered at 0.5 ml, the Situation changes somewhat if influvak the child is given for the first time. In order to secure immunity to the flu, you will have to repeat the injection a month later.


The negative side of the reception Influvac

Like almost any drugs, to vaccines Influvak there are some possible negative reactions as a result. They are able to deal with different systems of organs.

  • Quite often side effects occur from the nervous system. People feel a headache, a few at least they have seen neuritis or seizures also may feel numbness and tingling. Among the probable reactions neuralgia and encephalomyelitis.
  • On the cardiovascular system drug is not affected as often, but sometimes people develop vasculitis affects the blood vessels.
  • From the point of view of muscles and bones, influvak often causes an allergic reaction that is felt as pain in the joints. If the effect has touched the muscle tissue, diagnose the so-called myalgia.
  • The vaccine is able to influence the General condition of the body. As a result some found the loss of strength, fever, a feeling of malaise and chills.
  • At the injection site as a side effect, sometimes there is swelling or thickening, which may be painful, reddish color.

Finally, the number of possible negative effects, increased sweating, and occasionally appear skin rashes, such as hives or rashes.

The description of the drug Vaxigrip

From the point of view of production, influvak and Vaxigrip not differ in both instances is a suspension that can be administered subcutaneously or in muscle tissue. However, Vaksigripp also available in ampoules.

If to consider the composition, some differences are only in the list of excipients. If in the first case it was sodium phosphate dihydrate, there is used sodium chloride. The same applies to potassium. Otherwise, the composition has differences.

Dosage Vaxigrip is also no different from Influvac. It should be noted that this drug also give people with problems with the immune system. They need to inject 0.25 two times with a break of a month.

Match and possible side effects. For example, in vaccinated may:

  • Get a headache,
  • Develop malaise,
  • To increase sweating,
  • To be a pain in the muscles or joints,
  • To begin neuralgia, paresthesia, and encephalomyelitis,
  • To reduce the number of forces,
  • Develop allergic reactions, induration at the injection site, and vasculitis.

So, it is obvious that there are no fundamental differences in Influvak and Vaksigripp is not. Their composition differs minimally, the dosage and the list of side effects are almost identical. So how to choose the best drug?


What better influvak or Vaxigrip?

Something to cling to when considering such a similar vaccine? It’s hard to know what is better influvak or Vaxigrip if they are almost indistinguishable. Both drugs are actively used in the Russian speaking countries give the same result, but all this does not prevent people every year to ask the pharmacists what they choose.

Some start from the fact that Vaksigripp a few less side effects, but only by 1-2 points. Besides, how can there be a serious difference in the impact of the same composition? Thus, it remains only one aspect, which can draw attention.

In Influvak and Vaksigripp different costs. If the first usually costs about 500-600 rubles, the price of the second usually is around 400 rubles. If you add to this dubious statement that Vaksigripp fewer side effects, the choice in its advantage will become apparent.

How to prepare for vaccination?

If people decided to get vaccinated against influenza, it is necessary to properly prepare for the procedure. First, it is necessary to understand that the flu and the common cold are not the same, but because the vaccine does not protect against undead and other such manifestations.

Most importantly, the vaccine must precede the epidemic. If you make a prick in her swing, the immunity will not have time to develop sufficiently to protect us from disease. Before going to put the injection, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The patient should not be inflammation in the Airways;
  • He should not be in places with a large concentration of people;
  • He is obliged to carry out lavage of the mucous membranes of the nose using a special disinfectant;
  • Until vaccinations are necessary to cure diseases of internal organs if they were.

In the case when a person has no diseases that could have a negative impact on vaccination, you can go for your flu shot.


Should get vaccinated?

That better influvak or Vaxigrip think those who believe flu shots are necessary. However, many prefer to do without such injections. In particular, due to the fact that sometimes people have contraindications to the procedure.

  • If the patient can be allergic on the medication
  • If he pathologically responds to chicken protein
  • If the body is aggravated chronic infection and fever,

the vaccination can not be set. In addition, should not forget about possible side effects. However, vaccination has its obvious advantages. Among them:

  • Reducing the risk of death and complications;
  • The decrease in the degree of spread of the disease.

If you do not want the flu proceeded in severe form, then it is better to get vaccinated. This may be the most important for children and the elderly.

children's vaccination

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